How to Switch Between Audio Devices in Windows XP and Vista

Updated October 6, 2023

Windows Vista and XP both are reliable windows, although windows 7 is much faster and secure then other windows. However there are tips that can optimize your window and improve its speed and efficiency. In Windows XP and Vista if you want to switch audio devices then you will have to go to your system Control Panel. Some time it will be very difficult for you to switch the audio devices again and again for different purposes.

How to Switch Between Audio Devices in XP and Vista?

For Windows XP

There is a very useful application called “System Tray Audio Device Switcher” for windows xp users. After installing the application you can easily switch audio devices from your desktop in system tray.

STADSAfter Right clicking on the icon of STADS. A list will appear, from where you can switch devices easily.

switch audio devicesDownload STAD

For Windows Vista

For window Vista there is also a very handy system try tool called “Quick Sound Switch” through which you can switch audio devices in a few clicks.

SystemTrayDownload Quick Sound Switch

Hope the tutorial will solve your problem and save time in switching audio devices direct from system tray.

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  • So sad! I am never try Windows Vista and 7 before because my pc can’t install it on.I should buy a new PC :((

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