5 Most Expensive Computer Keyboards in the World

Updated October 6, 2023

Whatever keyboard you are using now, that is upto you, but if i ask you that would you like to use the world most expensive computer keyboard. Of course you will say “YES”, Because these  keyboards are not ordinary keyboards. They are one of the most precious and different one. Unfortunately we can’t offered these key boards, because they are too expensive. Only world top billionaires and Tycoon can use these type of keyboards.

5 Most Expensive Computer Keyboards

1. Professional II DataHand Keyboard = $67,500

keyless keyboard

The best thing about this keyboard is that you can easily fit the size according to your hands. I love the way it is designed and created, it is very beautiful. Compatible with all computers and operating system, Sun Microsystem, USB connection, Built in Programming mouse and unique finger prints feature.

2. Duel Handed Ergonomis 3D = $37,500

Dual Handed ergonomis 3D, Maltron

This keyboard is available in England, US, Sweden, French and German language. All the keys are organized in such way that all the fingers move easily on every key. It is the most expensive key board and provides all programming features.

3. Compart KeyBoard = $34,900

compart expensive keyboards

Ahh can you believe this, this keyboard is worth $34,900. The specialty of this keyboard is that it can be easily break into 3 parts. You can easily put it in a bag, or you can place any where. It is more advance and feature rich keyboard. Specially it is designed for IT specialists and Programmers.

4. 2000-IS-DT, 2000-IS-PM Stealth Computer = $2,200

2000-IS-DT, 2000-IS-PM Stealth ComputerThis is one of the strong keyboard, and there is no need to worry about any damage. It is developed from stainless steels with optical isolated barriers. It includes three 3 HULA pointing devices, Panelmount and Bulkhead Connectors.

5. TouchStream LP, Fingerworks = $1500+

TouchStream LP, FingerworksThe price vary from features to features. There are different types of keyboards in TouchStream. It has two handed gesture set, 3 button mouse, game mode, desktop control, browsing gestures, word styling and a lot of more features.

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