3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Business Reputation Online

Updated October 6, 2023

Brand reputation is one of the most important factors influencing decision-making by potential customers. This factor is essential, even if you already have a great business, such as National Casino Canada or a popular local cafe. So, it needs to be monitored, and you have to respond to negative online reviews. Brand reputation management extends to social media, search engines, and other platforms.

Work on Positivity

We are all built in such a way that we remember the bad for a long time and quickly forget the good. The same happens with all purchases: the user would rather give negative feedback than praise the company. So, working on positive feedback largely falls on the shoulders of the business.

To convince the client to spend his time and leave feedback on the company, you can “exchange” feedback for a promo code or bonus. Notifying the customer about such an opportunity is great for push notifications or email and SMS notifications.

The online reputation of the company is best influenced by customer service and the quality of goods and services. If a business only wants to see praise online, it’s better to understand your own processes first. When users often complain about something, it means that the error lies somewhere inside.

Hidden Marketing

Hidden marketing is a tool of indirect promotion through influential agents who work for the company.

We are not talking about the opinion leaders, but about ordinary users who initiate “non-promotional” discussions in social networks, write reviews or recommend the right product to someone.

Here is an example. The construction company decided to master hidden marketing. It could look like this.

User #1 starts a discussion in a Facebook group where potential buyers of apartments in new buildings sit. He asks which developer can offer him the best option in terms of price, quality and location.

User #2 unobtrusively compares several developers in the comments, noting the pros and cons of the construction company. The pros, of course, dominate.

User #3 shares “honest” impressions of living in an already finished house from the right builder. Then User #4 reinforces the thesis of User #3 by reporting that his friends recently bought an apartment from the construction company and are kind of happy with everything.

As you can see from the example, hidden marketing is not the most honest way to promote, even if the company is really great. And if the agents of influence don’t work well, the real customer will easily realize that the discussions and reviews are fake.

Work With the Media

For a company to be talked about and heard about, it needs to be written about. That’s why we offer press release writing services, publishing reviews aimed at brand reputation management on various news sites.

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