15 Awesome USB Gadgets You Need on Your Desk

Updated October 6, 2023

USB’s are usually pretty boring – they store a few files, and that’s about it. Not all of them are so dull though! Although the technology behind USBs are changing a lot and now a days we have thunderbolt and type C USBs as compare to the the USB 3.0 ports. A USB should always be selected based on its technology and speed, however the look also plays key role.

Here are 15 awesome USB gadgets that you need on your desk:

1.   Multiple USB Port Extender

Multiple USB Port Extender

This isn’t a particularly exciting gadget to kick-off the list, but if you like the gadgets listed below, you’re going to want one of these to make sure you have enough ports to use them all at once!

2.   Putter Returner

Putter Returner

The key to improving your golfing ability is having the right golf equipment and consistency, which means a lot of practise. Don’t wait until the weekend the keep practising – play golf right at your desk with this awesome putter returner.

3.   Security Guard

Security Guard USB

When you pop to the kitchen or the toilet at work, you want to be rest assured that your computer isn’t going to get tampered with by any prankster colleagues. This USB security guard has a built-in sensor, and whenever somebody approaches your computer, he yells at them telling them to go away!

4. Pin Protected USB

Pin Protected USB

If (for some strange reason) you don’t trust this little security guard to protect your work, you can always opt for this genuine secure alternative. Only you or those that know your pin code will be able to access the files stored on this device.

5. Cufflinks

Cufflinks USB

Forgetting your USB drive can be catastrophic – especially when you’re expected to present a slideshow to a client, for example, but have left your USB at home! Keeping your USB on you at all times couldn’t be easier with these handy cufflinks.

6. Disposable USB Drives

Disposable USB Drives

These little guys are perfect for events, or when you need to hand out a presentation to clients and the file is too large to email. They have enough memory to store a couple of files, and are relatively inexpensive.

7. Desktop Fan

Desktop Fan

Don’t you hate it when the office is too hot? It can make you feel extremely uncomfortable, which can affect your work. This USB fan is powerful enough to cool you down, but small enough not to affect (and possibly irritate) any colleagues around you.

8. Air Conditioned Shirt

Air Conditioned Shirt

Whilst this USB powered shirt cools you down, it certainly doesn’t make you look very cool. In fact, it makes you look absolutely ridiculous (and enormous). If you do go for this option however, make sure you remember to unplug it each time you get up from your desk!

9. Heated Blanket

Heated Blanket

So we’ve covered USB drives that help cool you down, but what if you’re too cold in your office? This USB-powered heated blanket will help to keep you warm and cosy, but it may also make you want to sleep!

10. Heated Coaster

Heated Coaster

Here’s another comforting USB gadget to keep you warm. This coaster heats up when connected to your computer, and will help to keep your coffee hot throughout the morning.

11. Drink Cooler

Drink Cooler

This gadget is great to keep your can of coke cool at lunch time. Because of the closed door however, it can also be used to keep a secret can of beer cool – which is great for Friday afternoons!

12. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Snacking at your desk is pretty essential in my opinion, but more often than not, crumbs to everywhere! Use this tiny but effective vacuum cleaner to destroy any snacking evidence.

13. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

If you’re a bit of a workaholic and end up staying at the office until 8pm each night, this desk lamp offers the perfect solution to saving electricity but keeping your workstation lit up.

14. Gold Bar

Gold Bar

If you’ve recently got a pay rise and really want to rub your new wealth in your colleagues faces, go for a multiple USB extender made of real gold! It’s completely unnecessary and you’ll be hated by your colleagues, but the option’s there.

15. Desktop Missile Launcher

Desktop Missile Launcher

Saving the best until last, here is the ultimate gadget for the annoying prankster in the office. You won’t get any work done, and will probably find that people will confiscate your missiles before you know it, but it still provides hours of endless entertainment!

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