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I am happy to announce  that Tech Maish has launched a Free WordPress Theme named “TechMaish Theme” for public. It is a TechMaish Thesis Like theme, which is very simple, search engine friendly and customize theme. It has a “Theme Options” panel on Dashboard from where you can upload a “Custom Favicon”, “Header Logo”, “Header 468×60 Banner”, and Sidebar 125×125 Ads in a few steps. It is so simple and clean, it loads much faster and allow you to customize it according to your requirements. It is Compatible with latest WordPress Version and ready theme. Just download and install.

Screen Shot

techmaish screenshot

Demo |    Download

Features of TechMaish Theme

  • xHTML and CSS valid
  • WordPress 4.0 Ready
  • Drop Down Menu Support
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Left and Right Sidebar
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • TechMaish Option Panel in Dashboard
  • Allow you to add a favicon for your blog
  • Adding Header Logo
  • Adding 468×60 Banner in Header
  • Adding 125×125 Ads in Sidebar
  • 3 Column Widgetized Footer
  • Ability to Remove Footer Widget from Control Panel
  • Custom Search Engine
  • 2 Navigation Bars
  • Thumbnails Feature
  • Reade More, Add Opinion and Comments Option on Home Page
  • Author Bio Option
  • Available in 5 different Colors (Blue, Green, Yollow, Red and Brown)
  • Change Background color from Control Panel
  • Add Google Analytic Code from Control Panel

It has 2 Navigation Bars, the first one is for adding “Pages” and the 2nd one is for adding “Categories”.

You can easily add a header logo, custom favicon, header banner, 125×125 ads from “TechMaish Option”. For more details you can read the tutorials below.

1. How to Upload Header Logo?

2. How to Upload Custom Favicon Using TechMaish Option?

3. How to Add 468×60 Header Banner?

4. How to Add 125×125 Ads in Sidebar?


Download the theme (TechMaish File) and upload it to your WordPress Directory. Activate and customize it according to your blog requirement. However don’t forget to create a logo for your header to add it to your blog header. If you have any problem during installation. Then feel free to post comments here, i will try to respond to every comment as soon as possible.


The CSS, XHTML and design is released under GPL:

About the Versions

  • TechMaish 1.1
  • TechMaish 1.2
  • TechMaish 1.3
  • TechMaish 1.4
  • TechMaish 1.5 (Latest Version)

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  • ibheck

    super cool :)

    • hi Bilal Ahmad, What a theme, Thanks its a like thesis, great custom work. I Must say you are doing cool job giving this theme free.

  • looking good, will try this theme. :)

  • Looks good and thanks for contribution. Hope Wordpress lovers love to download it.

  • SiRu

    This is a nice one.. Is it using the thesis theme as backend?

  • SiRu

    Just like to know how to add subscribe, popular post and recent post at the sidebar, cant find any widget that does the same. Please help

  • Nice customization Bilal.. Keep Rocking

  • Looks really Awesome. Gonna review this in my blog for sure. Keep up your good work

  • Wonderful in single word .How can I customize the color and thumb image size ?

    Regards |Madav

  • Madav@ You can do this from function.php and custom.css file located at the theme folder.

    • Barry

      How can i found code in PHP file, What code needs to be change ?? Thanks

  • Cool Theme Bilal, Its simply clean :D Loved it

  • Looks awesome. I’ll try it soon on my site. Thanks!

  • Nice Customization of Wordpress theme
    People should grab it

  • How have you converted your thesis custom style sheet to a full fledged wordpress theme?

  • Karan@ I did this in CSS and PHP.

  • nice one Bilal,

    • At last! Someone who udnrtesands! Thanks for posting!

  • Wow nice that you’re giving the theme away for free, I’ve seen a couple of other blogs running this theme too

  • Robert@ Can you provide me the links of the blogs that using this theme.

  • This is awesome – always wanted a thesis like theme without having to worry about setting up these ;)

  • Rajan Balana

    Thank You for such a wonderful theme liked it so much :)

  • hey Thanks bro Appreciate your effort.

  • Thanks bro for this great theme :)

  • Kpop Life

    Nice theme . Thank for share !

  • really nice theme…
    keep it……..

  • hiiiii nice theme…

    how do i add thumbnail in this theme? plzzz help mee….

  • Rohit@ In which theme?

  • really looks like thesis. thanks man :-)

  • Does it support wordpress menus?

  • Very well designed Bilal. Good work.

  • Lovely Theme. Can you please tell me how can I add thumbnails to archives?

    • vikas@nichebloggers

      Use the thumbnail excerpts plugin for wordpress.

  • I found this theme from poojakasar dot com and i really want this theme.But when i installed this theme it shows bad archive unpacked message in my wordpress.
    Will you please help me out with this.

  • Bibin

    Excellent Theme. How to add a line under each post.

    • Bibin@ In TechMaish Theme the post line break is already added. However its color is little dark, that is why you are not seeing it. You can change its color from Style.css file.

      • Bibin

        Thanks in advance. Plz specify the line. I want to know How to put adsense in the top of the blog. Top of head section ( Contact Me WP Theme About Advertise)

        • Bibin@ Send your blog link so that i can check and then i will be able to assist you in the right direction.

      • Chat Room

        Nice collection themes admin, i want this theme in purple color, is that available in this package?

  • Hey…cool theme .thanks for sharing..

    Please help me adding a custom featured image on each post. how do i do that

  • Very nice them. May be i will use this.

  • sir can you provide a bit help to me ?
    actually i am not able to get sub menus,the one which hover when we place mouse over the parent category.
    waiting for your response.
    thnx in advance.

  • Honey

    Please tell me how to add shadows effect to this theme body.

  • Hi there, I’m having the same problem as’s comment above. I see sub-menus for the top menu, but can’t get sub-menus, or even my info for that matter, in the second menu.
    Would love you help, thanks for the theme!

  • nyc..theme…surelly gonna..use in my next website release

  • Mohit

    would any body Plz tell me that Is this theme is verified. If Yes then Under which license aggrement. :)

  • Mohit

    Hello Bilal, would you tell me who is the owner of this theme , and this theme is worked under which license.

    • Mohit@ I am the owner of TechMaish Theme and it is licensed under GPL.

      • Mohit

        Thanks bilal really very unique theme you made, one more thing would you tell me that how to add table like boxes in the Popular Posts and Recent Posts.

  • Hello Sir I am using your theme from 2 days, i like it very much, But i am facing some problems with it, I need That Categories (with sub categories) as drop down menu like yours. I child some categories to one, But its not shows up on site. Can you Please help me Regarding this Problem, Waiting for your response. Thanks !

  • I am Still Waiting for your Response Sir :)

  • Hello Mr. Bilal
    I just want to know How to Put 4 Portions in Techmaish Theme Footer. like yours. Waiting for a quick reply from you , Thank you

  • Really nice theme, thanks.

  • Hello Bilal, first thanks for this great themes.. I wanna ask something.. Why my blog doesn’t have thumbnail,, It’s automatic thumbnail right??thanks in advance..

    • I sent you a email. Check it.

      • Thanks a lot Bilal…
        I’ll try it again, and wait for the next techmaish themes launch..Good Luck !!

  • Assalamu Alaikum bilal bro. I am using ur theme in my blog. I have few questions regarding this theme customization. Would u tell me plz how to add Related Posts & Popular Posts below article.

  • hello Bilal.. Nice theme made by you.. I have one query. I unable to see submenu under parent menu.. Please help me .. How to enable it.. I had added submenu under parent menu in Wordpress Control Panel (Dashboard)

  • WhatsUrTake

    Nice Theme and I am now using it!

  • Tushar

    Hello I installed techmaish theme on my site. I added sub-categories under categories, but I can’t see them on my site. What is the problem? I need help. Please help me. I also added two three posts to each category, eventhough I can’t see drop down menus like your site shows. I need your help.

  • Ashish

    cool theme bro.. thanks for sharing..

  • cool theme bro … :) But I think you must update your theme’s Timbthumb file … cause the current one in the theme is vulnerable one …… And my friends site got hacked , pls update it so that other’s may not get hacked too …..

    regards :)

  • Hi,

    I use your theme. I migrated all my post from blogger to wordpress. But if you check my website, all post migrated did not have image on the homepage. I only have 1 post that have the image on the homepage and that’s the post I posted on wordpress itself. The rest are migrated post from Blogger but without showing the images.

    Could you please tell me how to fix that?


    • Peter@ The images for the blogger posts are not showing, because they are hosted on blogger. The Theme only grab images hosted in your blog and display it on home page as thumbnail. What you need to do is, ignore the other posts and once you publish 10 articles in your blog (from wordpress) images will be shown on home page for every post as thunmbnail.

      • Hi Bilal,

        You mean after I have published 10 articles from wordpress, my other currently non-showing blogger hosted images will be shown is that right?

        • Peter@ Once you publish 10 articles from wordpress its images will be shown on home page. There is no need to display images for the previous posts, because once they disappear from the home page it will be only available in the blog but not will be shown on home page. Your recent 10 posts only shows on home page.
          Hope you got the idea.

          • Bilal,

            If I have more than 1 images in my post, which one will be used as thumbnail? Do I have the power to set which one to be used as thumbnail?


  • Hi Bilal,

    How to add sub-categories to a category on the navigation bar? I see yours is working pretty well but I just couldn’t seems to make it happen. I’ve add sub-category in my WordPress but it just won’t show up on my blog. Thanks.

  • Nice Wordpress theme.
    Is it compatible with the latest Wordpress versions ?

    Thank You

  • Honey

    Hello Mr. Bilal, I want to know How to get Four Footers Like yours. Please Help Me regarding this. Thank you.

    • Honey@ In the TechMash theme there is only 3 footer widgets. We will consider this in the new version.

  • I have a problem regarding this theme. I’ve add sub-category but it was not showing in cat menu, please help me !

  • Theme seems like Thesis framework based :) anyway great job.

  • very good, nice theme.. loving it..

  • Really excellent work.Usually i dont post comments but i really want to appreciate your for your work.And in the next version please do more concentration on Seo.Then this theme is gonna be an ultimate theme for wordpress.
    Have a nice day

  • Thank you very much and i am using it…very good to have a relationship with you buddy…keep it up. Your link will be honored..

  • Gitesh

    Best Theme ever in mah life………. this theme is fantastic

  • best theme for ever. thanks for giving this free

  • this theme is great..i’m using it right now…but is tereany tip to make the comments loading faster?

  • Nice theme. i’ll go it.

  • Hey Bro,

    Hope,you will come with a solution for this :) #AmWaiting

  • It’s amazing theme… very fast…

    Thanks Bilal

  • Hi Bilal,

    Am just using your theme for my blog but fortunately its not clear view in IE please check and let me have the details to correct my issue


  • Hey Bilal, I am so excited to have found your theme! It has vastly increased the look of professionalism on my site. However, I ran into problem today. After adding a couple menu items that were externally linked the site lost all of its sidebars and menus which are now displayed very strange. I removed the menu items but that didn’t help. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Hello, this a nice theme. but I want to ask, where I can custom the SEO?


  • Hi Bilal, When you are launching the responsive version of Techmaish theme?

  • Hello Bilal,

    This is the best theme I’ve used on wordpress so far. I have a problem though. If I have more than one image in one post, how do I get the one to use as featured image. I want to be able to choose my own featured image.

    Thank you

  • nice theme…….. i have use this theme on some websites

  • Aulia Afzal

    WOW, great theme!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this good theme :)

  • I am on the process of building a blog for the first time but unfortunately I am not technically able and not sure what kind of theme to use. Hope to make use one of your themes here.

  • Aulia Afzal

    Hi, i have one question. How i can put the page navi setting on index.php. i have tried it and dont work at my blog.

    please reply my comment ASAP…

    Thanks :)

  • hi bilal.. I really like this theme, thanks for sharing

  • Mahaveer Prasad Mawaliya

    It’s really awesome theme….thanx for sharing it….it’s a supercool theme….

  • Bilal, check this link have edited theme for 2sidebars.

    Hope your like it…!

  • Really Fanatastic Wordpress theme..Thx dude..

    • GosWami@ Thank you for liking the theme. In august we are going to launch the TechMaish Theme 1.2 Version with some great features.

      • Looking forward to the new version. It would be great to have sub-categories as hoover over (main screen), option to add categories links at the end of each post (and not only tags) and if is not asking to much, I would love to have a lighter colours (light grey, beige etc) as theme stylesheed…
        Thank you so much for sharing these great theme :)

        • Mirella@ Yes this feature will be available in the next version.

  • Bilal hope this will also be useful to ur readers,
    fixed rich snippet warning for single post ..!

  • Hi Bilal, I’m love your theme and really appreciate how responsive you are to everyone’s questions. Much appreciated! I really like the Author Profile Box option and have added it to my posts. Only problem is I have a few guest bloggers. Is there a way I can disable the Author Profile Box (which has my info) for guest posts? Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

    • Katie@ It is very easy to disable Author Profile Box feature in TechMaish Theme. Go to Dashboard>Appearance>TechMaish Option> and Untick the option “Show Author Profile Box ?”

  • soo nice theme thanks for sharing.

  • Fanatastic Theme..really super brother..i like wordpress

    When we lauch a new updated verison

  • nice article …and fantastic theme…great work :D

  • Davinder

    thanks for the theme

  • Hi Thanks for the theme.Have implemented in my blog

    The menu with sub menus not working good.the design of menu becomes scattered.

    Overall the theme is Great :)

  • Petra

    I’ve installed your theme. It looks good, but I’ve question. The colour of the text is blue, where canI change that? My blog is Dutch, but now I’ve my own language and English. Do you have a translation file?


  • Anwar Zeb

    Salam bro. the theme is awesome…. I really like it..

  • What a theme, Thanks its a like thesis, great custom work. I Must say you are doing cool job giving this theme free.

  • I use your theme. I like it. But i face pagination problem
    How can i solve this problem

  • What a theme, Thanks its a like thesis, great custom work..Excellent Theame Thank you!

  • hello sir,
    in this new techmaish theme i was trying to upload a custom logo.
    it gets uploaded but i am not able to make it a link to my homepage so that i can click on logo and it’ll redirect me to the homepage.
    can you tell me how to make this custom logo a link too , redirecting to the homepage.

  • how to post in home page

  • admin your registration software is not working properly, i have registered 3 times with different ids and username but still there’s no mail sent from ur side? Now you tell me how to register?

  • awesome theme…im usaing on two websites…

  • One of the amazing themes i have come across… i always use this theme of your’s to all my websites and i works really well.. Thank you so much Bilal

  • amazing theme but is it good to activate any free theme……

    • Amit@ If a theme is secured, optimized for search engines then there is nothing wrong to use it. You don’t need to pay $$ to buy a premium theme, when similar are available for free.

  • sir, I want to know that where to add google webmaster verification code in techmaish theme? Where is head section and body section of this theme? Your reply will be appreciated. Thankyou

  • Hello,,
    I want to add Adsense Add below Post title, How to do?? help me……….

  • Rakesh@ Go to your blog Dashboard>Appearance>Editor
    Click on single.php file.

    Locate the following code.
    !– end of .post-title –>

    And past your adsense code just after the above code.
    Save the changes and you are done.


    • Tarun@ Thank you for appreciating my effort. I am working on TechMaish 1.4 version. It will have more options. Stay tuned…

  • Wonderful Wordpress theme..I love this blog very much..

  • chat room

    Really love you theme Bilal bro and using it and as per your statement, i have removed the footer links. Thank you so much for this free theme :)

  • Awesome Blog and Themes…Great TechMaish

  • hmmmm really nice theme you are the good to give us a good look themes.

  • Really a fantastic Theme yar..Great TechMaish

  • Really bro a seo friendly theme & the bloggers who are using this theme getting visitors through search engine.So, atlast the theme is superub.:)

    • Akash@ Version 1.4 is coming soon. It has several other features and I am sure you will like it. Stay tuned. It will be released in a few days.

  • A Nice with my best colour! Often every black theme is good but this is quite unique from them and if we use this theme, more and more users will attract :) Thanks Bilal.

  • Awesome wordpress theme yar…Great job done by TechMaish

  • i was installing in localhost using wamp and i also installed it in my server it show this error. and i am not able to use even my wp-admin

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\techmaish\inc\options-framework.php on line 256

  • Thanks Bilal for making this a free theme. I was looking for a SEO ready clean and simple theme for my ranking based blogs. I am trying it out now so lets see what the out is going to be.

  • Great theme yar..Awesome work..

  • great them yar…i am istalled this theme today and i like this theme

  • Display URL instead of Title in my website

    Also display Title above nav bar.

    Please help to solve this?

    • Rohit@ Thanks for reporting this. I will fix this and release a new version soon.

    • gaurav Gupta

      Rohit … website is nicw website … your logo for movies adda which are quite good.. can you tell me where you create …please…

  • Good to see the latest version Bilal. I have one query. How can we add Google Adsense code in between posts on home page. e.g. after 2nd post excerpt and 4th one, I want to add google adsense. Can you please help. Thanks for all the help you have been doing to wordpress community by providing free themes. For my two blogs, I have added your theme only (changed the color).

  • it’s a very Light theme and awesome them i like it and just apply it

  • Awesome work bro..Great themes

  • Great theme yar..Awesome work..

  • Awesome Theme Dear

  • Awsome Theme Thanks Alot For Sharing And Make It Freee.

  • I personally feel this theme to be the rocking one ,, Thanks @Bilal ,,

  • Ohhh Its So Good Theame. Keep It Up …

  • Good theme bilal

  • Looks Cool…….I am using your theme in my website check it out….
    its a very good theme

  • How to change post title color. Just like your above your screen shot image

  • Amazing Theme. Very Amazing.
    But Can you tell me how i can add Popular post.

  • Lovely Theme. Can you please tell me how can I add thumbnails to posts ?

    • Ricky@ Go to the Theme Option panel from Appearance and tick the option for Thumbnails. Once the feature is ticked the thumbnails will automatically display on the home page. Try it and let me know if you get any problem.

  • I Love This Theme

  • Ammar nazeer

    I really love this theme and I have look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post..thanks for

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