5 Most Useful HTML5 Tools

Updated October 6, 2023

HTML5 is creating quite a commotion in the online world with its upcoming features and its ability to incorporate various options like audio, video, fonts, animations and web graphics right into your web pages. It is a much enhanced version of the its old version HTML and the biggest use of this technology can be made by the designer and developers and there are a number of creative tools which can be used to obtain the maximum advantage out of it. HTML5 tools enhance this technology further and help the designers to stay ahead than others by making the working easier. There are a number of great tools which a lot of people do not know about and here are 5 most useful ones.

1# HTML5 Reset

html5 reset

For designers who are dealing with HML5 for the first time, creating a website right from the scratch is something that stresses them out and they might just acquire cold feet and discontinue the process. To avoid this and make your life much easier, here is a tool which resets the clock and provides you with an option of using your old website coded according to the old HTML standards. All you have to do is take the old design and re-write the codes according to HTML5. This free tool works well on most browsers and can be downloaded as a template very easily. This means that your first step of beginning is dealing with.

2# Online Font Testing Tool

font dragr

HTML5 can be better used if all its features are harnessed, making your site full of features which will make the user-experience even richer. Font plays an important role in this and deciding upon a font isn’t the easiest task as you need to keep the subject and the aim of your site in mind. If you are confused about the font and want to try many different things before you shortlist one, then this tool is for you. All you got to do is drag the font.ttf files in the top tool bar and check out how the font looks on your site in the quick view box. The best part about it is that you do not have to change any of the HTML or CSS codes and there are a number of free fonts accessible over the net. This will make choosing the right font a cake walk.

3# Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate

Animation is something that you just cannot leave out, when developing a website and if something like HTML5 is in question then it becomes even more important. Previously known as Adobe Edge, this tool can be acquired in just $10 per month and is totally worth it. Supported by HTM5, CSS JSON, Java Script and other graphic formats, this tool greatly helps in making the web content much more interactive and more interesting. If you are aiming to create a website which will intrigue its visitors and impress them, then using this tool is a plus for you as you are able to create densely packed sites with precise functionalities. It is compatible with all the well-known browsers and has an interface which looks similar to FlashPro. All this and its easy to use nature, makes the tool a great investment.

4# The HTML5 Test

browser test

Browser compatibility issues are one of the greatest problems that the designers and the user suffered in the pervious year, but not anymore. By using this tool you can easily know if your browser will support the HTML5 specifications. You can also know the level as to which it will be able to support different factions of HTML5 including video, audio fonts and others. Not just this, with the help of the HTML5 Test, you can even test your browser with the new HTML5 features as it updates itself regularly and provides you with the latest improvements.

5# Sprite Box

Sprite Box

This is one of the great tools that allow you to compress images very easily. Having a lot of images is a cool thing these days and compressing them can be quite a task if you do not have anything to help you with it. This free of cost tool, helps you speed up the transition process and also reduce the loading time. All you have to do is put the images in a sprite and your job of creating CSS IDs and classes is made much easier immediately. One of the great things about this tool is that it has been made by combining JQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 and works in all the popular browsers.

The five tools which have been mentioned above serve different functions that you will need while dealing HTML5 and can help you out in a great manner. Their great features, easy-to-use interface and low-as-ever prices make them a few of the most popular HTML5 tools present today.

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  • Nice post. I think HTML has changed the whole game of web designing.

    Mr. Author can you please tell me that if beginners want to learn HTML so can they learn HTML 5 directly or they should learn it from right from the start HTML 1?

    Any idea? Moreover is there any easy free tutorials available to learn HTML 5. Thanks

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Adil@ You will need to learn all the basics of HTML. You can learn HTML online at W3Schools.com

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