How to Make Your WordPress Site Print-Friendly

Updated October 6, 2023

WordPress themes have different structures and styles, but all are designed to deliver better user experience. One challenge these sites pose for users is their printability. The pages may contain sidebars, ads, footer widgets and navbars which may not be print-friendly. You may need to consider including different style sheets that will make your WordPress site print-friendly.

WordPress may have been designed for screen viewing, but people still enjoy printing out web pages so they can read them at their leisure. This user preference makes it worthwhile to design your WordPress site for print. You may have at some time tried to print a WordPress page yourself only to have it not turn out so nicely because of all the features such as navbars, ads and sidebars. You do not want your site visitors to have a similar experience when they try to print a page from your website. When your users are able to easily print pages from your website, it can significantly impact their experience. This will no doubt be foremost in their memory when they revisit your site and once again see something they want to print. Here are two simple ways you can make your website print-friendly.

1. Add WP-Print plugin to your page

The thought of meddling with the architecture of a website to make it more print-friendly may not be a welcomed thought for website owners. This task is thankfully made much easier by the WordPress system.

A native WordPress app known as WP-Print allows you to simply add a print button to your website. This will appear as a small icon that gives your visitors the ability to select from a number of options. These options include printing or not printing individual items, such as comments, links, videos or images. When your visitor clicks on the button they will be sent to a print-friendly version of the post or page that interests them.

2. Add the Print Friendly and PDF Button plugin to your page

The Print Friendly and PDF Button makes transforming your WordPress website or page very easy. It removes the task of having to customize your page by editing the coding, css, or print.css elements of the page. The Print Friendly and PDF Button simply goes about the business of creating printer-friendly and PDF versions of your pages. When your site visitors click on the icon they will be redirected to a new window where they will be given the option to:

1. Print (your blog or post) as a PDF.

2. Save to computer as a PDF.

3. Email to someone as a PDF.

Your visitors will also have the option of selecting their preferred font size, which can save paper. They can opt to print the page with or without the images on the page. Printing the page as a PDF will save paper and ink.

These plugin options are very easy to add to your web pages. Your visitors will have a far more memorable experience when they visit your website that is now print-friendly. Your readers will no doubt appreciate that you took the time to consider their preference, and took measures to facilitate their desire. Pleased customers are always a good thing for your bottom line.


  • Jaswinder

    I think print button is also important to make your site friendly like other Social buttons, because some people like to read content printed on paper, instead of computer screen.


  • Tech Blogger

    I never looked at the printability of my website before, but after running this website test from SilkTide I concluded it might be worth a look. It appears search engines value printability as well.

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