World’s Most Expensive Computer Mouse

Updated October 6, 2023

This world is full of amazing stuffs and every one want to create and design some thing different and unique. This time Swizz Manufacturing has create the world most expensive mouse. As you know that “Computer Mouse” is a input device which is use to perform necessary actions and a normal and good quality mouse can be bought from $2 to $50, but today i want to share some thing very special that is “World most expensive mouses” This is not a normal mouses but a smashing and dashing gold and diamond mouse.

Gold + Diamonds Mouse = $26,792

expensive mouseThis mouse is created by gold and diamonds. 18 Carat Gold and 59 brilliant diamond has been used in the creation of this wonderful mouse. There are different styles colors and types available for this mouse. It is 3D mouse and a USB + PS2 for both PC and Mac with 3 Year warranty. Well this mouse has no new feature, but the only thing is its cost. Gold and Diamonds has made this mouse as one of the most expensive mouse in the world.

world expensive mouseSpending $26,792 on a mouse. Ahh this is too much, no one but only world top billionaires can afford these type of stuffs. In case you have such money and want to buy this mouse then visit FabStuff to buy this smashing, dashing and outstanding mouse.

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  • Shabnam Sultan

    Amazingly expensive mouse 🙂 . I wish i was a billionaire to afford this mouse ……lol .

  • Ramkumar

    Man,. this is amazing , not just the looks of the mouse but also the price .!! 26K

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