Can you book an entire vacation with cryptocurrency?

Updated November 8, 2023

If you haven’t had the chance to go on vacation this year, now is the perfect time to start planning for one. Suppose you’re a crypto enthusiast who prefers to pay for everything using digital money; you’re wondering if booking an entire vacation with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is possible. 

Despite going through a bear run, digital currencies have gained tremendous popularity over the last few years and entered the mainstream as alternative payment methods. Bitcoin is the most widely accepted form of digital currency, but some providers also accept altcoins. This article tells you everything you need to know if you want to make your travel plans exclusively based on crypto payments. 

Book entire vacation with cryptocurrency

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Search for service providers that accept crypto payments

The first step in planning a crypto-funded vacation is to start looking for service providers that accept your choice of cryptocurrency. Decide what you want from the vacation, and depending on the kind of services you need, search for companies that offer package deals. Suppose you don’t find package deals to match your needs; book the flight and accommodation services separately. Considering that you use cryptocurrencies, you might have to book each service individually because not all providers accept alternative cash. 

You should know that some platforms that accept digital currencies as payment methods don’t accept the actual coin but process the transactions through crypto trading websites. It means that while you use funds from your crypto account, the travel platform is paid in regular cash. There are several reasons why they prefer to convert cryptocurrency payments to cash, but the main one is that the crypto market is highly volatile, and the same coin can fluctuate in value from morning to night. 

Pick a crypto-friendly destination

The travel sector has come a long way in integrating cryptocurrencies. You can choose among numerous websites that allow you to purchase services and products with your coin of choice. However, after booking the services, you also have to plan some activities to make your vacation more entertaining. To ensure that you’ll have a thrilling adventure, pick some of the following crypto-friendly destinations and enjoy all the perks associated with paying with digital currencies. 

New York

Don’t be surprised that one of the most iconic cities in the world is crypto-friendly. Millions of tourists head to New York every year, and it’s only natural for the Big Apple to allow them to pay with the currency of their choice. You can use cryptocurrencies to pay for clothing in physical stores, dinner, or drinks at notorious nightclubs. New York brings countless possibilities when it comes to purchasing services or products with digital currencies. 


Suppose you want to visit Europe during your next vacation, you’ll be thrilled to find out that a couple of major cities allow for crypto payments. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and has an impressive number of providers that accept digital currencies. You can use digital currencies to pay for services like public transportation and accommodation. Depending on what products you want to buy, you might also be able to opt for crypto. 


From Prague, you can go to Ljubljana, which holds the title of the most crypto-friendly destination worldwide. Slovenia is located at the heart of Europe and has made efforts to integrate crypto payments across the entire country. You can choose from over 1300 venues and pay with over 50 different digital currencies. Ljubljana, as the capital, stands apart as the place that homes the most merchants accepting digital money. 


Do you want to travel to Asia? You’ll have no issue using your crypto funds if you pick Tokyo as your destination. A number of Japanese shops, bras, and restaurants accept cryptocurrency. You can also rent a high-tech capsule hotel room with digital money. Japan is listed among the most crypto-friendly countries in Japan, and it’s a beautiful place to visit if you want to have a glimpse of the local culture. 

Buenos Aires

Argentina is working hard to adopt crypto payments, and its beautiful capital has made the most significant efforts toward this path. You can use alternative cash to pay for accommodation, dinner, and nightlife. Buenos Aires is the ideal place to visit if you want to spend your vacation in a place with a beautiful landscape, a rich cultural heritage, and boating nightlife. 

Get a crypto card

You can find online several travel websites that allow you to pay for products and services directly through your crypto wallet. However, you might discover that some websites have high fees, and you might want to pick another payment solution. If you don’t have a crypto card, get one before leaving home because it allows you to make purchases using it, similarly to a traditional cash card. 

Trade crypto for fiat money if necessary

Even if you travel to a crypto-friendly destination, you should still have some fiat money in your wallet because small stores and local businesses might not accept cryptocurrencies. And while it’s not a glamorous option, it’s effective because it allows you to enjoy the vacation at its fullest without worrying that you won’t be able to purchase something. You can use an exchange platform to convert some of your cryptocurrency funds to fiat money and, more exactly, into the local currency. Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate greatly, so exchange the digital money at a time when you can sell it for a great price. Look up the price of your digital currency a couple of weeks before leaving home to get the most out of your funds. 

Understand the risks associated with crypto bookings

The main risk when using digital currencies to pay for vacations is their volatile prices, so you don’t know exactly how much the service or product costs until you purchase it. At present, the value of digital currencies can change a lot in a couple of minutes, which makes a big difference in the amount you pay for a service. 

Using digital money to pay for vacation expenses also involves some transaction fees, so consider them when establishing the budget. 

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