List of Online Stores that Accept Apple Pay in 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

More and more stores these days accept Apple Pay. Sadly, not all retailers accept Apple Pay. Therefore, it’s advisable to locate the shops that take Apple Pay whenever you go shopping. There are actually three different ways to learn: Visit or call the store OR Find on Google.

Check out this post for a thorough list of both online as well as offline retailers who accept Apple Pay. And not overly bragging, but the third approach is arguably the most effective. Why? You can discover what you need quite quickly thanks to this list that we have compiled by categories that accept apple pay and make a lot of things easier. Read the article further to learn in-depth. 

Scope of Apple Pay

Have you seen folks recently using their iPhones for hovering over the credit card readers to make purchases? The Apple Pay, Apple’s smartphone payments tool, is being used by them. Apple Pay is a prime example of NFC contactless payment that serves as a method of making purchases using your smartphone.

Since NFC payments, such as Apple Pay, are automatically encrypted, they are incredibly safe. Apple’s fingerprint feature, Touch ID, provides additional security for Apple Pay.

Additionally, NFC payments are quite practical. When compared to EMV card chip payments, that can often take longer to complete the process, they are processed extremely quickly, within a few seconds. It makes sense that more merchants or stores are now accepting Apple Pay. In fact, more than two million stores now accept Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is available to online and offline merchants alike. Additionally, one may utilize Apple Pay in an increasing number of applications to quickly and securely make transactions. When the time has come, for checking out, Apple Pay shows as one of the payment methods if an application is configured for it. An overview of the different companies and gadgets that might support Apple Pay is provided below.

Incorporate Apple Pay into the Business

List of Online Stores that Accept Apple Pay

Today’s consumers use Apple Pay as a fast, safe, practical, and contactless method of payment. Offering a quick and safe cash substitute could both engage your existing customers and draw in some new potential customers as we can see how contactless payment methods become more common in the customers’ everyday lives.

List of Stores That Accept Apple Pay

Retail StoresFashion StoresGrocery StoreseCommerce Stores
Best BuyAdidasCub FoodsGoDaddy
Family DollarGAPCostcoBigCommerce
OfficeMaxLegoFarm Fresh Food & PharmacyIBM
PetcoLevi’sSave Mart SupermarketsMiva
SafewaySephoraShop ‘n SaveShopify
TargetUltaShoppers Food & Pharmacy

Look at the list below to learn about the stores that accept Apple pay in 2023. The list is compiled categorically, making it easier for you to go through them.

Retail Stores Accepting Apple Pay

Best Buy: Best Buy is a well-known shop of consumer electronics that provides a variety of products, such as laptops, smartphones, tvs, home appliances, and much more. They are renowned for their vast assortment of technology items and experienced employees.

Family Dollar: It is a discount store that sells a range of seasonal goods, groceries, apparel, and household needs at reasonable costs. They provide an easy shopping environment in nearby areas and appeal to consumers on a tight budget.

OfficeMax: It is another retail establishment with a focus on services, products, as well as office supplies. They serve both   businesses as well as individuals by providing a wide range of office supplies, such as paper, pens, laptops, printers, or even furniture.

Petco: It is a well-known pet supply store that sells a variety of items for different animals, such as cats, dogs, fishes, birds, or other tiny animals. To ensure the welfare of pets, they offer pets toys, food, grooming products, and some veterinary care.

Safeway: Safeway is basically a chain of supermarkets that provides a wide selection of household goods, food, and fresh produce. They give clients a simple one-stop buying experience by offering bakery, pharmacy, deli or other services in addition to other goods and services.

Target: Target is actually a big retail chain which sells a variety of things, such as groceries, furniture, home goods, electronics, or clothing. They are renowned for their fashionable and reasonably priced goods, as well as for having their own brands and partnerships with designers.

Kmart: Kmart is a chain of department stores that sells a variety of things, including clothes, toys, electronics, home goods, and a lot more. They frequently offer sales and discounts on a lot of their products in an effort to give clients options that are within their price range.

Fashion Brands Accepting Apple Pay

Adidas: Adidas is quite famous international company that focuses on the development and production of accessories, sportswear, and footwear. Adidas has made a name for itself as the top companies in the sporting sector. It provides a huge selection of gear for numerous sports. It combines fashion with functionality. 

GAP: Established in 1969, GAP is a well-known American store of apparel and accessories. GAP provides a wide selection of apparel alternatives for both men and women or even kids and is quite famous because of its casual and modern clothing lines. The brand focuses on producing great, comfortable, and functional designs. The worldwide retailer GAP is known for its staples including denim as well as everyday clothing.

Lego: This company sells a wide selection of construction kits that let customers create different kinds of buildings, vehicles, or even scenes. Lego is renowned for its dedication to excellence, innovation, and promoting active play that fosters problem-solving abilities and spatial awareness.

Levi’s: American clothing manufacturer Levi’s is well- known for making best denim pants. Blue jeans were invented first by Levi’s, who also transformed global fashion. In addition to a wide selection of jeans, Levi’s also sells other clothing products like shirts, jackets, and accessories.

Sephora: Sephora is a well-known, global store for beauty products that provides a wide selection of skincare, cosmetics, hair care, as well as fragrance items. With its extensive assortment of high-end and premium cosmetics brands along with having their private label, Sephora has grown in popularity. The experienced employees, interactive banners, and beauty treatments offer a distinctive shopping experience.

Ulta: This beauty store is a well-known in the US that sells a variety of skincare, cosmetics, hair care or fragrance items. Ulta Beauty runs both physical locations as well as an online store, offering customers a wide range of products at different pricing points. In several locations, Ulta Beauty also provides salon services, giving customers a complete beauty experience.

Grocery Stores Accepting Apple Pay

Cub Foods: It is basically a grocery store which sells a variety of foodstuffs, household goods, and other products. It is centered on giving clients value and ease by offering a range of products at reasonable costs.

Costco: Costco is a warehouse club which provides discounted rates on large quantities of goods. It offers a vast selection of goods, including food, furniture, electronics, and much more, and serves both residential and commercial customers.

Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy: This grocery shop and the pharmacy chain places a strong emphasis on locally sourced foods and fresh products. To satisfy the needs of clients seeking quality or the convenience, it provides a variety of groceries, home goods, and medical services.

Save Mart Supermarkets: It is a grocery business that offers a wide range of household goods, fresh vegetables, meat, or seafood. It emphasizes providing individualized customer service and aiding regional communities.

Shop ‘n Save: Shop ‘n Save is a network of supermarkets that sells a variety of household goods and groceries. It focuses on providing customers with convenience and affordable rates in an effort to fulfill their regular purchasing requirements.

Shoppers Food & Pharmacy: It is a network of food stores that includes a pharmacy as well as a supermarket. It serves as an all in one shop for the customers, offering a number of grocery items, household goods, as well as medications.

E-commerce Accepting Apple Pay

GoDaddy: GoDaddy is an organization that provides domain registration, web hosting, website creation tools, as well as online marketing solutions. It offers these tools to people as well as small businesses so they can create and maintain good online presence.

BigCommerce: BigCommerce is basically an online store creation and administration tool for companies. It offers a full range of features and tools for online sales, such as website designing, managing inventory, or marketing tools.

 IBM: It provides a broad range of goods and services. It is renowned for its knowledge in fields including cloud computing, enterprise software solutions, cybersecurity, as well as artificial intelligence.

Miva: Miva offers tools for building and managing online storefronts for enterprises. It provides capabilities that may be customized for payment processing, product administration, order fulfillment, or website design.

Shopify: It well-known e-commerce site that enables companies to build and operate online stores. It offers an intuitive user interface and an extensive feature set. Shopify is well known for its capacity to scale and for having a large selection of apps that add new features and integrations.


Well, that’s it for today. These are some of the stores that are accepting Apple pay. It is one of the most efficient methods of payment which brings people lots of ease. So if you’re starting a company or starting a business make sure you have this facility to attract more clients.

Does Apple Pay is accepted by Amazon?

Masterpass, Apple Pay, as well as Visa Checkout are three well-known digital wallets that are supported by Amazon Services.

Is Apple Pay accepted at ATMs?

If the ATM accepts contactless, and consequently cardless, money withdrawals, you might be able to make use of Apple Pay there to get the cash.

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