What Is A Hoverboard And How Does It Work?

Updated October 6, 2023

Hoverboards are trending in the market with increasing demand every day. It seems an easy and fast traveling aid for kids to schools or roaming in streets flaunting their hovering skills among friends ( Human natures I guess!).

This trend is not going to slow down anywhere soon. So let’s figure out what a hoverboard is and how does it work?

What do you imagine about future rides like flying cars, advanced technology single wheeler motorcycles, or boats floating both on water and lands? Well, hoverboards are just a step towards your imaginative world.

What is a Hoverboard?

Best Hoverboards

You can name them as ‘self-balancing’ scooters. It’s a two-wheeler portable electronic device that was introduced in the market back in 2015 and since then it’s on a roll. You must have observed its popularity by watching those kids roaming around streets on hoverboards.

If we see its structure, it consists of two wheels that are connected through a platform. This platform is large enough to support a rider stand on it. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, these devices are good to go for a reasonable distance on a single charge.

It has a series of pressure and sensor pads which helps to balance the rider’s position and not let them fall. The wheels move according to the rider’s movements when he leans forward, backward, right, or left.

Whether you’re planning to get a faster way to your workplace or it’s your kid’s top wish list to have a hoverboard I suggest you look for some hoverboard reviews before buying one.

Important parts of a Hoverboard:

If we look at the anatomy of a hoverboard we find some crucial parts of it including:

  • Gyroscope: Very important part as it helps in maintaining the balance of the rider by adjusting the tilt of the platform. You can imagine its importance as these devices sometimes also called ‘Gyro Scooters’.
  • Microprocessor: They’re needed to regulate the power transferred to wheels.
  • Battery: Of course, it needs charging to ride for longer period of time.
  • Motor: It delivers the information from the logic board to power wheels to help to maintain a balance when you tilt.
  • Infrared sensors (IR): It helps to detect any object’s presence on the way and many other functions.
  • Tilt and speed sensors: Helps to control the speed with an integrated communication between gyroscope and logic board.
  • Logic board: It processes information from sensors to motor to maintain overall balance.
  • Pressure pads: They’re located on the platform where the rider adjusts his feet. They’ll help the logic board to sense someone’s riding.
  • Two wheels: Obviously, to move. They’re available in different sizes.
  • Power switch: Turn your board on or off.
  • Charging port: Yes, to charge your hoverboard.

How does it work?

You know all its parts now let’s see how it works.

All of these parts work in coordination to maintain a perfectly balanced ride.

Each wheel has its own gyroscope, tilt, and speed sensor. You step on the hoverboard and the gyroscope sends information to the logic board. When you tilt or move forward the logic board sends the data to the motor which then powers your movements and moves the hoverboard accordingly.

Suppose you want to stop, the infrared sensors and pressure pads work here. They detect no tilting and send information to the logic board which then stops powering the motor and you stop.

Similarly, when it comes to turning the board move in sync with your body movements. When you move your right leg forward the right wheel will move only to give you the desired tilt.

Now, you almost have all the information you need to know to ride a hoverboard like a pro. You can also read some fantastic hoverboard reviews to choose the best hoverboard.

Go grab one and enjoy your stylish and easy-going ride.

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