Wasting Time: I Tried to Study but…

Updated October 6, 2023

When we go to study everything that surrounds us, it seems more interesting than ever. Even a speck of dust can become the best hobby.

There are many distractions, and now, with the advent of the Internet, many more. That is why below we will number 7 situations that make our imagination start to fly when we start studying and make it impossible for us to concentrate. Also, we will solve these distractions to ensure effective study using less time.

If you want your learning to be fast, effective, and useful, read these 7 tips carefully.

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1. Study in Front of a Window

Studying in front of a window overlooking a busy street is a guaranteed distraction. We can spend hours looking at who is passing by, what they are doing, where they are going…

To solve this, you should start studying in an area where the views from the window overlook a little-traveled street.  It is important to remember that it is very beneficial to study in natural light.

2. Unexpected Visitors

It seems that everyone is waiting for us to start studying so they want to know about us and talk to us.

To avoid these situations, you must notify everyone that you are about to study so that they do not bother you. When you’re done, you’ll let them know.

3. Sudden Hunger

When we start studying, we always feel hungry which makes us feel the need to go to the kitchen to see what we can eat, and the way walk around the house. Well, it’s not hunger, it’s boredom.

Advice so that this does not happen: eat before you start studying, not too much because if you overdo it you can feel tired and heavy, and this is not at all beneficial for studying. Always have a bottle of water and drink continuously.

4. Social Networks

It is at the moment of starting to study when that interest is awakened in us to see what has happened on social networks, investigate and gossip. All of this can take a long time.

To avoid these temptations, turn off your computer before you start studying and put it as far away as possible, you can also temporarily deactivate your account so you are not tempted to watch. It is best to study in a room without a computer.

5. The Phone

It always seems that when we go to study is when people talk to us the most, and if they don’t, we’re already on the lookout to see if our mobile lights up, vibrates… or gives any sign that someone wants to contact you.

The solution of putting it on silent is not entirely effective, since you spend hours turning on the screen to see if you have any notifications. The best solution is to have the mobile phone out of sight and out of reach, a good strategy is to ask someone to save it for you.

6. Order

It is at the moment of starting to study when that responsibility and neatness enter us, and we seek perfection and order in our room.

Tip: tidy up your room before you start studying. The study table should also be clean and clear, without anything that distracts us and makes us not concentrate on studying.

7. Wasting Study Time Scheduling the Study

When we start studying we feel the need to know how much we have left, how much we have studied… organizing ourselves for the fourteenth time seems the best solution: how far do we have to go, what will we study tomorrow…

To avoid this absurd waste of time, organize yourself just once. As much as you count what you have left, it will not be reduced. Follow your initial planning and everything will be fine.

In the End

Nonetheless, you can still be simply burned out by all this studying. If you feel like this, then you need to get help from an essay writer and recollect your energy. Wasting time or procrastinating can be simply a symptom of your burnout.

This situation is actually quite common amongst many students. So, don’t feel like you’re bad when you just can’t study anymore. This is where the external help shines at its best. It gives you some breathing room when you’re buried under tons of urgent assignments.

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