How Different Services Could Teach Students to Write Better

Updated October 6, 2023

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Being an eloquent writer puts you on the fast track of academic greatness. Some of the greatest intellectuals and academics in history were gifted writers able to communicate their ideas clearly and eloquently. Mary Wollstonecraft, mother to Mary Shelley the author of Frankenstein, inspired a new branch of philosophy through her writing. Her book, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, was the first treatise to argue for equality of women. If it wasn’t for Wollstonecraft’s literally contribution, the fight for women equality in the society might not have attained critical mass. Similarly, Henry David Thoreau prowess behind the pen not only inspired naturalists throughout the ages, but his book Civil Disobedience inspired Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. These are just a few examples of how great writing can change the world. If you want the world to know about your ideas, then you have to write better.

How do you become a better writer, you ask? Well, like every other skill, you can learn to write better by practicing. It takes a bit of time, but the payoff is immensely rewarding. John Grisham, the lawyer, turned writer, wrote his first book in more than 1,000 days. His untiring efforts to tell a story in a Time to Kill were made harder when 27 different publishers rejected the manuscript. All that effort paid off eventually and Grisham is one of the bestselling authors today. J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Herman Melville all went through the same experience. What made them a success was their tenacious belief in their ability and their willingness to continue honing their writing chops.

If you have a penchant for writing, you too can develop your skills and tell your story to an eager word. Unlike the days of Herman Melville when you had not only to master the writing craft but also find a way of paying for typesetting, there are tons of inexpensive resources to help you become a better writer. Here are some of the services aspiring writers should add to their toolbox.

Finding a Mentor

Sometimes, the fastest way to learn something is finding someone who’s good at it and emulating them. Finding established writers to mentor you helps you avoid all the pitfalls fledgling writers fall into. You also get a sneak preview of how a mature writing process looks like. The best thing is, finding a mentor is as easy as pie. Just look for writing services online, contact them, and you’ll get your very own writing mentor. The mentor takes you through every stage of writing and can even write your essay for you just so that you can see how it’s done.

Reading Services

You can’t improve on something if you don’t have the faintest idea of how it’s done. The first step if you want to write better is reading. Whenever you get the chance, bury yourself in a book. The kind of book you read also matter. If you plan on being the next sensation in fiction writing, then read lots of fictional novels. As Descartes once quipped reading books is like a conversation with the finest people. When you read enough about something, your brain picks up not only information on the subject but also various techniques used by authors in that discipline.

One of the most accessible places for reading is the local library. Sometimes you might not be in a position to go to the library though. You can substitute the library with online services that let you borrow books. You may even buy a digitized copy of a book and read it on your computer or mobile device. Online reading services are a student portal to thousands of experiences and thousands of lives. Like George R.R. Martin said, a person who never reads lives only one life. A reader, on the other hand, lives a thousand lives. Make a habit of reading every chance you get.

Writing and Speaking

You have to write a lot if your writing skills are to improve. Hemingway used to write every morning. His consistency paid off when he joined the elite group of writers. You can transform yourself into a better writer by writing every day. Get some time in your daily schedule to write even if it’s an hour a day. Most people find it better to write early in the morning while others find it more conducive to write in the evening.  Whichever time you prefer, make sure there are no distractions. Turn off the TV and your phone. There are also a few services that help you block social media sites for a while so that you don’t get distracted while concentrating on something. Other digital services offer a distraction-free writing platform with all the solitude needed to get lost in a sea of words. These assistive writing services come in handy for folks looking to improve on their skill set.

Another way of becoming a better writer is by speaking. The general rule of the thumb is, speak better – write better. Most writers are great orators, but not all orators are great writers. Speaking goes a long way in helping you master the art of communicating your ideas to other people. You’ll need a speaking partner for this to work though. Your friends can be great speaking partners who you can bounce ideas off on, however, they might not always be around. Luckily, there are lots of online services that pair you with a speaking partner. The services are mostly free which is ecstatic for the frugal writer. Try some of them out to take your writing and oratory skills to the next level.

That’s all there is to it. With these services, you’ll be able to take charge of your writing and reign in all the desired characteristics of a solid writer. Give these services a try today.

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