5 Less-known Ways to Build Quality Backlinks after Penguin Update

Updated October 6, 2023

Link building concepts have changed a lot over the past one year. However, things here have not changed completely as there are also few ideas and tactics that work in a way it used to earlier. All of us know that content is helpful in building proper link. No doubt, content is helpful in building proper links but this is not always a very simple concept. Great content naturally attract links and depending upon visibility and strength of website where this content is listed, little promotional effort is essential. With crackdown on link network, unnatural link warning and Google Penguin aiming at link spam, most marketers are feeling a bit lost about the things that still work. The below discussed rules of link building facilitate adoption of proper link stratagem.

1. Anchor text distribution

Penguin works by examining inbound link profile metrics in order to detect signs of unnatural activity. Chief signal of unnatural activity moves around anchor text. There are four different types of anchor text that comprises biggest part of inbound link profile anchor text distribution ratio:

  • Naked URLs usually consist of few variations of actual URL of link destination. They can be internal page or in most case, the home page. These URLs are strongest signals to Google indicating ‘natural’ inbound link profile. It usually comprises of a majority percentage of distribution of anchor text in healthy sites.
  • Brand anchor comprises of variations in the brand name of destination sites. Even small variations like differences in capitalization are taken into account by search engines.
  • Brand – keyword hybrid anchors contain variations of brand name of destination site intermingled with relevant LSI or exact match.
  • Junk or universal anchors contain words that can be applied to destination sites. They can also be universal in nature like ‘visit this site’, ‘here’ or ‘click here’. These are commonly referred to as junk anchors since before Google Penguin update, webmasters tried to avoid anchors like this as they could not pass a signal of relevance to destination websites.

While moving forward with link building strategy, it is better to resist the urge of using keyword rich links. Instead, the above anchor types are better to choose.

Viral marketing

All business personages are sure to have heard the term viral marketing. When an individual likes something about a post or an image has been shared, the material goes viral. At times, they are posted yet again, thereby making space for another individual to view that. This goes on and if something becomes excessively popular, they are sure to grow in massive proportion, thereby gaining more backlinks. The best technique of viral marketing is to offer something free of cost for a few days. This must be engaging and capable of drawing interest.

Link baiting

The best way to link bait is through usage of exemplary content. It is difficult to be noticeable with the help of this technique and needs hard work and determination. The below guide can help with achieving such an aim:

  • Provide valuable content that is worth sharing and more importantly, extremely informative.
  • Use a subject that everyone loves to speak on.
  • Give away free stuff. This can be done through a contest or just when people subscribe to newsletters.

4. If link building tactics that are dangerous and short sighted made use of, keep a backup plan

At times risky tactics need to be used for some campaign. In case links are bought, make sure that it is possible to get relevant links of other places in case Google penalizes you.

5. Some sites need to rely on techniques that are usually frowned upon

At times, the bloggers may be required to make their own call. There are many sites that use press releases and article syndication to build back links. Though these techniques are occasionally trashed, they are still one of the most successful and popular techniques and not yet a violation of guidelines issued by Google as buying links are. There are things that may be rejected by Google’s guideline in little time, so it is always better to wait for the right time before you declare a particular strategy completely irrelevant.

Everything has a positive angle to it. Though most of you need to think pretty hard to keep your site relevant with Google bringing in more changes in its algorithm every now and then in the form of Panda and Penguin updates, there is some positivity in this aspect as well since things here never get boring. It appears quite challenging to do things in the right way since the right ways keep adjusting here. Links are blamed whenever a site fails and it will be better if other matters are looked into as well since there are times when search engine ranks have nothing to do with bad links. However, the link builders are required to step up and keep themselves updated about SEO and online marketing to shield themselves of continual updates introduced in Google’s algorithm.

Author Bio:- Pankaj Roy wins years of experience in the field of content writing. Years of experience in working with a large variety of SEO firms has helped him garner knowledge on different aspects of SEO services. He has researched a lot on maintaining back link quality after Panda and Penguin updates and frames this write up to help his readers gain familiarity with the steps that help to build quality backlinks after Penguin update.

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