The Ultimate List of Top 7 Adsense Alternatives 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Surely, every publisher wants their platform to be monetized. If we’re talking about monetization, one of the most popular options is Google Adsense. For people who are working mainly as content creators, AdSense is surely not a new thing for them.

Google Adsense is an ad network which you may join to get your content monetized. And, of course, in order to get a higher income, you have to make sure that your website is profitable through several signs. Make sure that it’s already optimized and has a decent amount of daily views. The views are important, especially if they’re organic.

Organic search means that people actually go into your website through the search they do using the search engine. Since Google Adsense is a Google product, it could be better if you obtain a lot of traffic from Google Chrome or Edge.

However, that’s not the only thing you have to know about Google Adsense. Despite how profitable the platform is, some people reported that they have a terrible experience when trying to join the Adsense programs.

You see, Adsense is the first thing people will look after when they want to monetize their digital assets. Whether it’s a website or a channel, Adsense is the one to go if you wish to get a decent amount of revenue.

However, due to how fierce the competition is in the market, people are starting to look for alternatives. And to be honest, there are so many ad networks to pick from. When you type the keyword, you’ll be greeted with long pages of reviews. So in order to help you out by simplifying the list, today we want to tell you about the best 7 Adsense alternatives you can try.

Google Adsense As The Best Ad Platform

As we’ve just mentioned above, Google Adsense is an ad network that most people use to monetize their websites and channels. Like many others, Adsense does have its own criteria that every publisher should fulfil. On YouTube, there are some indicators given on the Adsense page, telling you about everything you need to complete.

Meanwhile, bloggers or writers may find it harder to monetize their blogs or websites due to the lack of transparency. There are no indicators, and they will only tell you to create “quality websites”. Of course, this can be interpreted as many things. But what’s important, one thing that will guarantee you to be accepted is high traffic. The higher the traffic you have, the higher the chance that your website will be accepted.

Joining The Program

Now, what do you need to do to join the Adsense program?

Everyone can sign up by accessing the Google Adsense page and making an account there. In the case of the websites, Google will ask about your address, and their team will decide whether your website is suitable for the program or not. The review process may take days to finish, sometimes weeks.

For YouTube creators, all they need to do is to complete all the required indicators; among them are the watch time and subscribers. So, before thinking about ways to get accepted, it’s always better to focus on your content first. Make sure to create interesting content to gain more subscribers and watch time. And when the time is right, you’ll know that you’re suitable for the program.

Can Anyone Join The Program?

Technically, yes. Anyone can join the program. But it’s advisable that you’re 17 or older since you have to also input the payment details when you create the account. Most of the payment options, like bank transfer or PayPal, require users to be at least 17 years old to process.

And that’s basically it; that’s the user’s requirement. Yes, anyone can make an account in Google Adsense, but that doesn’t guarantee that everyone can monetize their assets. As we’ve just explained above, whether you have a website or YouTube channel, there are some criteria that should be fulfilled first. Truth be told, it’s not that easy.

Although you think that your assets might have a high chance of getting accepted, the whole decision comes from the review team. It could be random, or it could not. The point is, if you’re lucky, you still may have a chance to get accepted despite the condition of your website. And yes, this mostly works for website monetization.

As for channel monetization, the process may take longer but is fully transparent. When every indicator is fulfilled, you may have a great chance of being accepted.

After the user is accepted into the Google Adsense program, they still need to follow the long processes until their assets are truly ready.

Considering The Alternatives

Although Google Adsense is always known to be one of the highest-paying ad networks, it’s not that easy to be accepted in their program. The requirements are all ready set and not negotiable. So, publishers who don’t have any way to monetize their accounts have to fulfil these no matter what.

But, no need to worry because you can actually find lots of ad network options out there. Generally, they work as a connecting agent between publishers and advertisers. What they have is the ad inventory that’s obtained through the publishers, in this case, you.

Publishers join the program as a seller who sells the ad space on their website. Usually, detailed information about their website will be displayed to the advertisers. That way, they can easily find which one of them that’s most suitable.

For advertisers, ad networks are considered a great way to look for the best place to put their ads. Ads, although beautifully made, won’t produce anything when they’re not placed in the proper location. So, as a connecting agent, the ad networks will try to match the requirements with the most appropriate ad space. And when you’re connected, that’s when you gain income.

Sometimes, there are also some options that work in a similar way, like Adsense. After getting accepted, all you can do is customize the ads that will be placed on your website. The content of the ads is generally hidden from you, so you may only hope for relevant ads to come up. Since Adsense is a bit random with the ads, look for ad networks that could guarantee suitable ones.

Below are the seven best Adsense alternatives that you can try:

Top 7 Adsense Alternatives

1. CodeFuel

Code Fuel Adsense Alternative

We’re starting our list with CodeFuel. As one of the most recommended ad networks, CodeFuel’s name has been known for years to be the highest-paying network. Starting in 2014, CodeFuel has been establishing good relationships with so many advertisers and publishers. Looking at how high they’re willing to pay the publishers, of course, many feel so interested in doing the collaboration.

Aside from offering high revenue, CodeFuel also has additional features which publishers can use to further optimize their websites. That way, it can be more valuable and optimized in the client’s eyes. The platform also has multiple ways to earn income, including the website, browser extension, and other virtual assets monetization.

However, the requirement may seem a little bit high, especially for newcomers. In order to get accepted, you need to have at least $10,000 project value, which could be earned through collaboration with prominent brands.

Best Features:

  • CodeFuel has so many monetization methods that every publisher can try. Each option is available, making them lots of options to consider
  • Ad adjustment is great; publishers will have a good time adjusting and making the ads as optimized as possible.


  • Easy to learn UI
  • Multiple monetization methods
  • Free analytics tools are available
  • Great integration with the other platforms, especially for the analytics.
  • Ad optimization to reach higher profits.


  • High project value
  • It is a bit complicated setup process

What They Said About It 

Generally, CodeFuel as an ad network has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from users. They mentioned that the platform might help them in reaching bigger profits thanks to ad optimization and relation with big brands. However, some users also reported that the requirements might seem too high to reach, especially for beginners. So, we only advise using the platform if you’re already experienced in the field and want to get something better.

Click Here to Visit CodeFuel Website

2. Sovrn //Commerce

Sovrn Commerce Ad Network

The next option you need to consider is Sovrn, previously known as VigLink. This ad network might be a great option for publishers who run e-commerce websites. They can get higher profits thanks to its features, including automation and insight tools to further optimize the ads.

The platform works by converting the regular links of your products into affiliate links, and the process isn’t as complicated as you imagined. Since you’ll be sharing the affiliate links, you’ll get additional income as well through the clicks and conversions.

Sovrn also made the competition fair with the other publishers. Everyone may have a chance to get a high income, depending on how valuable their website is. Of course, if your asset is proven to be valuable, high-profile advertisers may find it interesting as well. Thanks to automation, you don’t have to check the links every time. Stay focused on your content, and let the feature do the checking.

And since the platform works using the CPM system, everything your ad is in place, and you’ll get an income. Whether it’s clicked or not, it doesn’t matter.

Best Features:

  • Easy to Use UI
  • Easy to create affiliate links
  • Automatic system


  • Easy-to-create affiliate links
  • Automatic orders aligning
  • Good CPM
  • Good Payment terms


  • Bad customer service
  • It may take time for a website to get accepted.

What They Said About It

People’s feedback about this ad network is generally positive. They love how they can easily connect with the brands through specialized ad aligning features, and high CPM definitely make them happy. However, some users also reported some downsides, including bad customer service who’s not responsive to problems.

Click Here to Visit Sovrn Website

3. Skimlinks

Skimlinks Network

Similar to the ad network above, you can also consider using Skimlinks. The platform works in a similar way by automatically creating the affiliate links for the e-commerce content you created. That way, you don’t have to manually create each affiliate link by hand. Instead, the system will work on it for you and deliver high-quality links to be posted.

What publishers need to do in this context is to update their content on a regular basis and make sure that each piece of content is valuable to drive more traffic. The links put on your website will enhance the commerce strategies for multiple media.

Skimlinks also has a wide connection that’s great to further enhance your network. With a total of 48,500 merchants and lots of demand partners, each publisher may have a great chance of getting a high income. The result may be even greater when you join the Preferred Partner or VIP program, which is nice.

Best Features: 

  • Automatic affiliate links building
  • Wide relations with big brands
  • Has the Chrome extension to make everything easy to access


  • Offers good analytic tools
  • Wide connections with brands and companies
  • Has certain programs to further increase the revenue
  • Automatic affiliate links-building system


  • UI is not that good
  • The search capability in the analytic tool can be increased.

What They Said About It

Most people say that Skimlinks is one of the greatest ad networks they have ever had. It works nicely, is responsive, and offers higher payments for those who want to do more. The only negative point is that the search capability can be further increased to make the search easier to do.

Click Here to Visit Skimlinks Website

4. Monumetric

Monu Metric

The next one on the list is Monumetric. People may know it as a Blogger Network, but not it has changed its name into a company that mostly work as a revenue partner. Monumetric will make sure that each publisher may have the same chance to gain increased revenue while also greatly maintaining the user experience.

The platform uses the CPM system instead of CPC, so whether your ads are clicked or not, you will still get paid as long as the ads are still posted on your website. Another best thing about Monumetric is that it has a higher CPM rate than Google Adsense, which is the reason why people are converting to Monumetric and leaving Adsense behind.

However, the platform also demands certain requirements that you need to fulfil. For example, you need to have at least 10K monthly views. If you get at least 10K views, you’ll also gain the additional setup fee.

Best Features: 

  • Has a certain system that accommodates Bloggers
  • Great navigation system
  • Detailed reports for ad campaigns
  • Specialized dashboard to monitor everything.


  • Responsive team
  • Good looking UI
  • Great customization for ad campaigns


  • The UI isn’t intuitive enough for users
  • Lack of ads creation options
  • Maybe a bit pricey
  • High requirements

What They Said About It 

Monumetric does offer its real value to those qualified. For publishers with high views, this ad network granted them a lot of revenue through the high CPM rate. Their team is also responsive in dealing with lots of different situations. However, the high requirements may be a bit troublesome, especially for beginners.

Click Here to Visit Monumetric Website

5. InfoLinks

Infolinks Ad Network

The next option you can use as an alternative to Google Adsense is InfoLinks. The platform works miraculously to make your brand more known to others using specialized and optimized brand messages.

InfoLinks also work as a revenue partner, allowing publishers to get a high profit through optimized ads placed on their platforms. Their customization system will make it possible to get a high CTR without disturbing the user experience.

For now, InfoLinks has collaborated with more than 10,000 publishers around the world on 128 countries.

Best Features: 

  • Ads are not too spammy
  • Highly relevant ads inventory
  • Lots of ad types
  • Well-built and structured website


  • Highly optimized for bloggers
  • Multiple ad formats are available
  • Payments are smooth


  • The rate might be too low.
  • Low SEO optimization

What They Said About It

Although the platform is a great alternative to Google Adsense, people have reported low income from it. It could happen because some niches are not relevant to the inventory.

Click Here to Visit InfoLinks Website

6. ylliX

ylliX Adsense alternative

Surely, people want an alternative that can give them a pay rate as big or even better than Google Adsense. If you wish for the same thing, this platform may be a great choice for you. What’s best about ylliX is that publishers are free to choose any ad types they want. And the number might surprise you.

Here you can find lots of ad types that are suitable for both mobile and desktop. Since all of them are optimized, the platform will guarantee you a high pay grade as long as your website can perform really well.

The account will be approved instantly, and users are eligible to have detailed daily reports, daily payments, and 100% fill rates, which is really great. If you refer any publisher or maybe advertisers, you can get $100 for each. While your referrals start making money, you can get 2% of them.

Best Features:

  • Great ad types
  • Offer good optimization for ads
  • Detailed daily reports


  • 100% Fill Rates
  • Payments can be made daily
  • Great referral systems


  • Ads might be spammy
  • Sometimes, ads lack relevancy

What They Said About It

Overall, the reviews of ylliX show mostly positive feedback. Many reviews stated that they’re ankle to receive higher income thanks to the proper ad placements. However, some of them also reported having spammy ads that could ruin the user experience.

Click Here to Visit ylliX Website

7. SHE Media

She Media Adsense alternative

Last but not certainly not least, we have SHE Media. As you might notice, this is the ad network that specializes in monetizing digital assets that mainly target the female audience. The platform is created by women and for women.

SHE Media is already trusted with tons of collaborations, making it one of the most crowded ad networks, with around 50+ million organic views per month. If you work in the same niche, SHE Media is definitely made for you. Their goal is to serve the female audience with interesting content that could fit every age.

Publishers may also have a chance to collaborate and make money from the sponsored posts, which offers an additional great way of media monetization.

Best Features:

  • Highly optimized for niched market
  • Wide relations with big brands
  • Sponsored posts may open a new opportunity to gain higher additional income.


  • Easy setup process
  • Excellent customer support
  • Great brand partnerships opportunities
  • Great performance compared to Adsense


  • Takes a full commitment to a year-long contract
  • Publishers’ control over the ads is limited
  • Ads can be intrusive at times

What They Said About It

Many reported a happy experience working with the ad network. Some claimed to have higher income and even said that it could be a good alternative to popular ad networks. However, some users also reported some problems regarding the ads themselves, which publishers couldn’t control. The ads can be spammy and intrusive, which is highly problematic for publishers who want to maintain a good user experience.

Click Here to Visit SHE Media Website


And that’s the list of the seven best Adsense alternatives we can explain to you. As you may know already, there are so many ad network options that you may consider. What’s important is to pick the one that fits you the best, both in terms of niche, ad customization, and, most importantly, the earning rate.

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