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Popular Instant Messaging(IM) Clients for Mobile

Social Communities like Facebook and Orkut has reduced the usage of Instant Messaging IM services, but still these are useful for mobile users. IM Clients are use to collaborate with others using text, or we can say that IM is a collection of technologies that create text based communication through a network called Internet. As we know in communication there are 3 important factors. No.1 Sender, No.2 Receiver and No.3 Channel or Medium. In Mobile communication these IM are the channel though which you can chat and share your knowledge with each other.

instant messaging clients

I would like to share some useful and popular Instant Messaging (IM) Clients which you can use to communicate with each other.

Useful Instant Messaging (IM) Clients

Agile Messenger

Agile Mobile LTD is a company which develop mobile softwares. One of its popular and useful software is Instant Messaging (IM). It support all type of operating system, and ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and GoogleTalk. This is a very enhanced IM client for mobile phone.

IM+ Messenger

This is a award winning Instant Messaging Client for mobile phones, which allow you to chat with your friends with advance features. Track location, send offline messages, lets follow your friends on twitter and so on..

Octro Talk

This one is both Instant Messaging with voice and video integration. It can be use through GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth and EDGE. It allows you to keep connect with all your Gtalk, Yahoo and MSN friends at one time. It has P2P features, which is extremely fast for sending and receiving messages. Lots of features are available for you to use in Octra Talk.

Jive Talk

Just Like other Instant Messaging Clients Jive Talk also allow you to sign in to your Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN and Jabber account. Use all the useful features and enjoy chating with your friends.

Go Talk Mobile

It is only Gtalk instant messaging client which support J2ME technology. It is a very popular and useful one among all other available IM Clients. You can also use Go Talk Mobile for your jabber account. I personally like GoTalk Mobile and using for online chating.

There are lots of more instant messaging clients available for mobile phones, but these are the popular one. Although other IM Clients are also useful but these are more popular as compare to others. I would love to know your thoughts and opinion about other Instant Messaging Clients for mobiles.

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