The Different Types of Online Surfing

Updated October 6, 2023

The Internet is a window of opportunity to step into a world of information on any field of knowledge. The Internet is so easy to access not just on computers and laptops but increasingly so from mobile phones and smart phones. All that is required is web connectivity through a dial up or broadband connection. The package deal taken must be justified in terms of expense by the amount it is used. This will mean taking into account the amount of time spent surfing the net and for what purpose. That would provide clues about your requirements and the amount you should spend on the right devices.

Types of Online Surfing

Social Surfing

Many people have internet requirements simply to stay connected, or, more precisely to meet their social needs. This means that all that they are going to access is their Facebook account, Twitter or other such social networking sites to share their activities etc with family and friends. For this, a smart phone is sufficient since it permits internet access along with all the functions of a mobile phone. Smart phones come with multiple functions and choices depending upon individual choices of model appearance, music features, camera functions, applications and email or chat facilities.

Once a smart phone model and brand have been decided, it makes sense to buy them on contract from a telecommunications company. This is because a phone purchased otherwise would cost much more, but on contract, some very reasonable deals are available. The final selection of the deal must also be scrutinized carefully by reading all the fine print, so that you know what you pay for and exactly what you get free.

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Practical Surfing

For many, the internet is a convenience since it helps to stay connected while on the move, to complete tasks associated with work, to get the latest updates, and even kill waiting time by listening to music or watching movies that can be downloaded. When surfing needs are for such activities, investing in a good laptop makes perfect sense.

Such users would be spoilt for choice for laptops since there are numerous brands that would come into any budget bracket. Selecting the laptop is easy and the next step then is to get internet connectivity with a Pay as You Go plan or take a contract. As in the case of smart phones, some contracts provide the laptop free and there is a fixed monthly charge for a couple of years.

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Super Cool Surfing

When surfing is more of a fixation and a fad meant to be kept up with, and more to enhance the cool image than need based, the tablet computer is the ultimate need. Thus the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy and others, are the ones to be looked at. Here its more about style and much lesser about substance, and this forms the biggest chunk of the market. A price competition then is inevitable and all users in this segment want the smallest, coolest looking tablets. The iPad is the ultimate dream till others create a niche for themselves, though it does require a SIM and its 3G version allows broadband internet connectivity, while the others use Wi-Fi.

Author:- This is a guest post by Neil Jones who is head of marketing for eMobileScan, one of Europes largest online retailers of handheld computers and barcode scanners, including the Symbol MC70 and LS2208

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