The Best Tethering Apps for iPhone

Updated October 6, 2023

iPhone tethering is a technique in which an iPhone can be used as a wireless modem to connect a computer or any other device to the Internet. Tethering allows the user to use the phone’s 3G Internet connection to provide wireless, always-on connectivity to a PC or Mac. Only thing, you require for tethering is the right application and data plan from a cell phone carrier.

Now, Find out the Best Tethering Apps for your iPhone. Before starting, a word of caution, You will have to jailbreak your  phones to download these tethering apps.


PdaNet offers the best tethering app for those with an iPhone 4 or 3GS or 3G. It tethers over Wi-Fi, enabling your iPhone to become a Wi-Fi hotspot. In fact, it offers USB tethering as well and you can connect your iPhone with your Mac or Windows laptop using a USB cable. To use WiFi mode you do not need anything installed on the computer end. However,to use USB mode, download the desktop client from Pdanet. PdaNet provides the fastest connection speed possible from any data carrier.

MyWi (Price$20)

MyWi is developed by Intelliborn. Its user Interface is really nice and easy to use. One can activate WiFi, USB, and bluetooth tethering with a single touch. MyWi works on iPhone OS 3.1 or any other latest version. It supports all iPhones i.e. iPhone 2G/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS. Always remember to enable WEP security, so that you’re not sharing your connection with just anybody.

ITether(Price $14.99)

This app allows users to share their iPhone’s internet connection with a Mac or PC computer over USB. iTether creates a wireless connection over AdHoc that allows iTether to work all over the world no matter the carrier or network. Unlike the other two, there is currently no trial version available so you can’t test it before buying this app.

One must carefully weigh the pros and cons before attempting tethering as the process allows other users to hack your connection. Also, there’s a slight chance of your carrier finding out about this unauthorized tethering and charging you for the extra data use.

Author Bio:- This guest post is contributed by Unnikrishnan. Owner of GK and Current Affairs Blog.

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  • Arup Choudhury

    Is there an app to allow the iPhone 3G to tether with Micromax funbook pro running Android 4.0.4. I have tried with PDA Net using the personal hotspot option, but it does not work. With the iPhone 4 by just turning on hotspot it works like a charm. Please suggest

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