Tactile Touch Screens Add Feel-able Buttons to Previously Flat Surfaces

Updated October 6, 2023

Mobile devices are great, and many people love the current touch screen technology that has flooded the market. At the same time, many users miss the feel of hitting real keys. The flat digital keys used on mobile devices are often difficult to use, but one company is making a solution. Tactus Technology is hard at work with creating physical keys from flat touch screen devices.

How It’s Done

Tactus Technology has yet to spill all the beans, but they have revealed a few details about their project. They are using microfluidic materials that respond to temperature. This is a special type of plastic that melts at slightly above room temperature, which means heating certain areas of a touch screen can create keys.

The keys will come-up from the flat screen when they are needed, which will provide users with pressable keys to use with applications. The keys will flatten back down once the application is closed. This feature creates a wide range of applications that this technology can adapt to.

Implications for the Mobile Market

The mobile market is growing at a dramatic rate, and many users love their touch screens. At the same time, most users are complaining about the lack of actual buttons. Common complaints are that it is difficult to accurately type, and it can feel awkward to mimic pressing a digital button rather than pressing one that is tangible.

While it is too early to say if this technology can really take off, it is estimated that a majority of users would be eager to have tangible buttons on their devices. People miss the feedback that real keys provide, and the new technology would improve accuracy with typing and using apps.

If microfluidic buttons can become a reality, then expect to see them used on almost every mobile device. These keys are more adaptable than the keyboards used on earlier smartphones and other electronic devices.

Other Markets

The mobile market isn’t the only one that can be converted to this technology. The keys can be used by nearly any technological market. For example, a flat touch screen can be used to control your TV, DVD or Blu-ray player, gaming device and GPS.

The need for proprietary controllers would dramatically decrease. Simply download an app that tells the touch screen about the necessary keys, and the touch screen would manifest the keys needed for the device. If this technology does become a reality, then it is going to impact most if not all technological devices.


There are a few problems keeping this technology from being manufactured. The plastic used for the buttons needs to be protected against outside interference. The plastic melts at just above room temperature, and using the touch screen too much may cause the keys to distort. These keys are also quite weak, and protection is needed to keep users from accidentally breaking them.

The other problems concern the display. Current models are not very bright, and the keys that are made don’t look very sharp. It can be difficult to tell the difference between two keys, which will need to be corrected before it goes into mass production.


Tactus Technology has a great idea that can change the face of the technological markets. No one knows if this idea is possible or not, but expect it to become huge if it ever becomes a reality.

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