SEO Professional and SEO Expert: How to Differentiate

Updated October 6, 2023

Quite often there are random discussions around trying to figure out what does an SEO expert really mean and how does it differ from the seemingly same terminology of an SEO professional. If one digs into a thesaurus, all the terminologies including expert, professional, specialist etc will appear to be synonyms. This makes the situation a bit vague in order to draw a clear line of difference between SEO professionals and SEO experts. However, an effort is made here to make things a bit more clear in this regard.

expert vs professional

SEO Expert

An SEO expert can be thought of as a Search Engine Optimization Guru who has been in the field of SEO for quite some time and has the abilities to keep pace with the changing trends in the SEO industry. An expert of SEO usually has exclusive knowledge about SEO and keeps on studying the innovations which are quite frequent in SEO industry. An SEO guru has years of experience in his pocket and can apply his/her tips and tricks where they best fit. It is worth mentioning here that search engines bring about frequent changes in the algorithms being employed for indexing web pages. The expert keeps his/her knowledge updated in this regard and doesn’t stick to the once obtained knowledge about search engine optimization. Another important fact about SEO expert is that strategy development is the key to his/her success. The expert never always works with the traditionally applied SEO techniques but develops new strategies depending upon knowledge and experience. Some of the duties of an SEO expert are listed:

  • Exploring the industry.
  • Developing new rules as well as following the traditional trends in the SEO industry.
  • Testing, planning and implementing complete SEO strategies until results delivered.
  • Performing error testing.
  • Stay ahead in the game and respected in the SEO industry.

SEO Professional

An SEO professional can be thought of as the one doing the hard work. Normally, SEO professionals are taught by books and websites which are owned by SEO experts. In simple words, the SEO professional is actually the one practically doing all hard work required for doing search engine optimization like link building etc. The SEO professional is so much indulged in his/her duties that don’t have time to explore the new trends in the search engine optimization arena. The most important job of the SEO professional is to implement the strategy devised by the SEO expert. A few responsibilities of an SEO professional are listed:

  • Being good at doing hard work.
  • Make dedicated efforts for implementing strategy designed by the expert.
  • Follow the guidelines provided by the SEO expert.
  • Maintain all the record of data work done and handle the abnormalities.

The bottom line is that both SEO experts and SEO professionals both are valuable assets of search engine optimization industry. SEO professionals are very good with their work but often work under the umbrella of an SEO expert.

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