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The rise of Live Gameplay: A Rapidly Growing Market

When online gaming first began to enjoy a surge of growth, there were many who believed that this would never be able to capture the imagination of traditional gamblers. There were two key reasons behind this assumption, with the first being the fact that virtual gaming could not recreate the social element of casino gaming. After all, corporeal gaming hubs such as the Vegas Strip have thrived on the back of social interaction and interpersonal dynamics, combining gaming with lavish entertainment to create an overall experience for visitors.

In addition to this, there were also doubts as to whether or not it could replicate real-time gameplay, with the subtle nuances of games such as roulette and casino hard to capture in a virtual environment. Fortunately, developers and mobile platforms have been able to answer the doubters in spectacular style, using innovation to tackle such issues as the analytical side of poker and the thrill of live, real-money wagering.

Over the course of the last 18 months, we have seen the rise of the live casino and the true introduction of real-time gaming. Just as console players can enjoy their favourite multiplayer titles (Call of Duty, anyone?) within a live, online community, gamblers can now enter real-time tournaments and play for huge corporeal stakes. Not only this, but live casino tournaments are also increasingly realistic and offer a genuine authenticity to players.

So how have developers achieved this? Firstly, they have utilised modern technology to deliver live gameplay within an immersive casino environment. The key to this is enhanced dealer interaction, offering an authentic experience that has been borrowed from bricks and mortar casinos. Developers have also worked hard to improve the realism of individual games, effectively replicating the pace of experiences such as roulette in a virtual setting. Online roulette operators now offer players two spins per minute, for example, and subtle changes like this go a long way towards improving the overall experience.

With virtual and augmented reality now also redefining the online marketplace, real-time gaming is set to reach a whole new level. This is certainly something to look forward to, as virtual gameplay continues to offer an increasingly compelling experience to players of all ages. The use of VR will also bridge the dwindling gap between virtual and bricks and mortar gaming, arguably offering the best of  both worlds to traditional players and the new generation.

Overall, it is clear that online and mobile platforms (working closely in conjunction with developers) have worked tirelessly to bring the appeal of corporeal gaming online. Review UK Mobile Casino Apps to further know how it works. They have enjoyed huge success too, while also thinking creatively to mask the unavoidable differences between the two entities. The way in which online poker has been formatted offers a relevant case in point, as while virtual players are unable to apply the strategy of body language when reading their opponents, this has been compensated for by analytical tools that enable them to research their opponents’ past performance and underlying philosophy.

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