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Common Blogging Mistakes by Newbies You Should Not Do

blogging mistakes by newbiesEvery blogger did some mistakes in there initials blogging stage. Mistakes are natural and every one can make mistakes in there field, but it is possible to avoid it. Repeating mistakes again and again is not a good thing and you should never repeat the same mistake done by someone in there blogging career. We all committed some mistakes in the initial days of our blogging career but we have never repeated it, and mistakes are an important part of our life. We can learn from our mistakes. Do mistakes but never repeat the mistake.

Today I want to share some common mistakes often made by a newbie blogger at the initial state of his blogging career. If you are a newbie and want to start your blogging career, then you should not repeat these mistakes.

Common Mistakes a newbie makes in his Blogging Career

Below are some of the common mistakes and you should not repeat these mistakes. Read carefully and make your blogging career mistakes free. If by chance you did any of the below mistake, then try to avoid in future and correct the mistake as soon as possible.

1. Blog Platform

This is one of the most common and repeated mistake, which is done by several blogggers, and still new bloggers are doing the same mistake. Newbies always start there first blog with Free Platforms like Blogger, wordpress.com etc. They will spend allot of time in promoting there blog with sub-domain (xxx.blogspot.com OR xxx.wordpress.com) and creating backlink for the blog.
But after 6 months or 1 year they will come to know that this was not a good decision to start a Free blog, because Free blogs has some limitation and you have no full control over your blog. This is the stage that you will have to move your blog to wordpress or other Paid platforms, where you will have full control over your blog.
To avoid this mistake, always start your first blog with wordpress, with your own domain. Or with any other Paid platform where you can fully control your blog without any limitation.

2. Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Many of blogspot bloggers moved successfully there blogs to wordpress, but many fails to move correctly. Because of less knowledge about the correct migrating process.

Using wrong technique for migrating your blog can hurt your blog Page Rank and Search Engine Ranking Position, and you can loss your Traffic.

Don’t repeat the same mistake and use correct technique for migration your blogspot blog to wordpress. Read the Correct Process here:- SEO Chat

3. Changing Blog Title

Before starting a blog, you should plan a title for your blog. Changing Blog Title again and again is not good in term of SEO, and google may think that you are spamming. Newbies bloggers always do this mistake and they change there blog title on regularly basis. Avoid this mistake and first plan the title and then don’t change it again and again.

4. Wasting Time in Wrong Promotional Ways

Newbies bloggers will start promoting there blogs in PTC, Traffic Exchange, Link Frame etc which is not a good decision. Using any wrong technique can ban your blog in google and google will stop indexing your blog and you will not receive traffic for your new articles.

Be careful in promoting your blog and promote your blog using search engine friendly and most popular promotional ways.

5. Adsense Mistakes

Using any technique which is against the TOS of Adsense can ban you from Adsense Program, and one of the most repeated mistake with newbies is that they will start promoting there blogs in PTC, Traffic Exchange and Messaging there blogs links to there Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail friends during online Chat.Which is strongly prohibited by Google Adsense.

Although using these techniques to earn money from adsense will earn $70- $100 for the newbie blogger but soon they will get banned from adsense and will start crying for there earnings and for Adsense account.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes and don’t try any of these wrong technique for the sack of earning money from adsense.

6. Wrong Techniques for Getting Backlinks

Most newbies will start getting backlinks from all those blogs and websites which allow you to post comments on there blogs. They will post there blog links on Porn blogs, Blogs banned by Google or any other bad neighborhood and unrelated blogs. But this is not good for your blog, Because getting links from Porn blogs or websites or from those blogs which are banned by google will hurt your Search Engine Ranking and google can also ban your blog for this.

Don’t repeat the same mistake in your blogging career and always promote your blog using Search Engine Friendly Optimization techniques.

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