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Updated October 6, 2023

Plagiarism has been around since the birth of ideas, so it’s not surprising to know that it is not only rampant in education, screenplays, literature, as well as in science.  Who would believe that T.S Elliot, the most important poet of the 20th century, actually plagiarised his most famous and important poem “The Waste Land”?  Just early this year, India’s top scientist, C.N.R. Rao, -who also happened to be the science adviser to India’s Prime Minister – apologized for plagiarising part of his research paper by using material from other scientists.  It has been reported that the “mistake” was detected by an online plagiarism tracker.  In this age of technology, where computer softwares are constantly upgraded, plagiarism is now easily spotted. New and precise plagiarism tracker on DoMyPapers: take your writings original.

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There are a lot of anti-plagiarism software available today, from expensive ones colleges and universities use to free software you can use online.  Just google the words “anti-plagiarism” and more than a dozen of them will appear on the front page.  However, not all of them are effective as they claim to be.  When choosing one to use for important papers such as essays and other school papers, it is imperative that the one you use is the best.  After all, your education could be at stake here! of the most popular FREE plagiarism software available online.  It’s easy and very straightforward to use.  You could either register an account or just cut and paste the text you want checked and click on “start checking”.

Why Plagtracker is different?

Unlike other free plagiarism checkers online, plagtracker gives you other options you might want to use such as the grammar checker, spelling checker, and proofreading/editing assistance.  Once you’ve clicked on which additional service you want, all you need to do is sit and relax and wait for your paper to be checked against more than 16 16 million internet pages plus their data base of academic writings from many leading universities.  All of this will equal to about 18 million pages.


Once the report has been done, plagtracker will highlight any duplicate texts in different colors, along with the source of the similar texts which will appear in italics, which will make editing easy for the users.  Plagtracker will also help identify areas where citation needs to be placed, again making things easy and stress-free for users to make the necessary changes on their paper.

Author Bio:- Charlotte Courtney is a freelance editor and writer. She has her blog with book reviews, writing a content she always checks its uniqueness with plagiarism checker

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