Performing Exchange Recovery When ExMerge Utility Fails

Updated October 6, 2023

In Exchange Server, the mailbox store house is the location where all the mailboxes of all the clients are stored. Now if the mailbox store suffers any sort of corruption, then there is a utility, called ExMerge, which is viable for Exchange recovery. This can’t actually repair the corrupted ones but this can act as the valuable tool for mailboxes, which are out of corruption. If the Information Store Service can be started, this utility can be applied to copy and transfer all the uncorrupted data to PST files.

exchange recovery

Even if there is partial corruption in the mailboxes, the uncorrupted messages can be retrieved. This utility bypasses the corrupted information and all the messages which show some kind of distortion.

This utility is able to extract the uncorrupted information in the mailbox folder. Particularly, this can be said that it facilitate e-mail migration. Some of the users also claim that this utility can be use to make the backup of mailboxes easy and effective.

Some Limitations

Regardless of its plus points, the major limitation is that the corrupted mailbox will remain in the same state and the utility does help EDB recovery for them. Some of the earlier versions of ExMerge does not support recovery for various items like calendar, contacts, notes, tasks and so on.

Complete Exchange Recovery

As the utility, does not avail full EDB recovery, so you need to look for other alternative. The help that could provide Exchange Server recovery for all the corrupted mailboxes is needed.

Third party Exchange recovery software can well perform this job with completeness and efficiency. They have the ability to scan the affected mailboxes and end up at Exchange data recovery for all the known or unknown causes.

With the help of these products, you would find the task quite easy. Most of these come with advance features and supports to different file versions of Exchange Server.

Author Bio:- Bob Luis is an Exchange server administrator and has more than 5.0 years of Experience. He is currently working with an MNC and doing research on Exchange inbuilt utilities as well as on some commercial Exchange Recovery and Exchange database recovery applications.

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