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Updated October 6, 2023

When YMAX announced that they would be releasing an updated version of their popular MagicJack device, many people got excited. As the cost of having a telephone landline continues to rise and the economy remains slow, many people are searching for alternative options. The original MagicJack is estimated to have sold over 15 million units, though it was also met with criticism by some consumers. The MagicJack Plus offers a variety of new features to help make internet phone calls faster, easier and more affordable. Here is a quick overview of the MagicJack Plus, as well as some background information on the company that makes this device.

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What is the MagicJack Plus?

The MagicJack Plus is an internet voice-calling device which has several upgrades compared to the previous MagicJack. With the MagicJack Plus, consumers will now be able to make phone calls without connecting the device to a PC. Since the service is cheap ($19.95 per year after the initial free year), many people are opting to use the MagicJack instead of paying for local and long distance telephone services from a more traditional home phone provider.

Who Makes the MagicJack Plus?

The MagicJack Plus is marketed by YMAX Corp, the same company that produced the original MagicJack. The creator of the MagicJack is Dan Borislow, who is also the founder of YMAX Corp. Aside from marketing and selling MagicJack devices, YMAX Corp also recently purchased SJ Labs, which produces voice over IP software (VoIP). SJ Labs is currently based out of Solon, Ohio, and was first founded in 1999. An interesting thing about SJ Labs is that they currently make the software for internet phone companies such as Vonage. In 2010, YMAX Corp announced that they were merging with VocalTec Communications Ltd.

Does MagicJack Have Good Customer Service?

The company that makes the MagicJack Plus does not have a direct telephone number listed on their website. Instead, consumers are invited to find an answer to their questions on a forum-type board, where their questions will be answered by a live agent. In some cases, a customer can engage in “live chat”, where they can talk to a customer service representative by text-based chat. It’s interesting to note that there does not seem to be any way to get a hold of MagicJack Customer Service by phone. This has been a common complaint by many people who have purchased a MagicJack device in the past. Hopefully, with the upcoming release of the MagicJack Plus, YMAX will choose to offer more supportive customer service to consumers.

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  • yes MagicJack is helpful to me.Cause i am 6months user of this item and i am very satisfied.

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