Pebble E-paper Smart Watch Review

Updated October 6, 2023

The first ever e-Paper smart watch that has been developed by Pebbles Technology is the Pebble Smart Watch. The idea of generating such a unique wrist watch was first presented by the CEO Erick MagicovSky in 2011. In the set of starting capital for the project Erick felt fail to bring the initial investors under the new brand name. Initial brand name was inPulse and when changes, the old investors of the project were no more interest to hoop about this watch. But most amazingly, project was started by a fund raising organization called Kickstarter that raises funds from general crown around the globe. The Pebble smart watch project has been the highest funded project through kickstarter.

E-Paper Watch

Carrying apart with general information let’s look into what this E-Paper watch is basically.

Pebble Design and Structure:

The smart watch is made of long lasting treated aluminum with minimum weight to bear. The watch has 1.3 inches of display with 144×168 pixels and a bi-chrome LCD. The two colors black and white are featured with a back light. The device is run by a customized OS of Pebble Technology that holds the capacity to inter-act with iOS and Android via Bluetooth connectivity. The minimal version of Bluetooth should be 2.1. This device has a strengthened battery that lasts for about 9-10 days. The device comes with multi-operational apps which are pre-installed in it. It has pre-installed cycling app which measure the travelling speed and an active accelerometer which specify your motion all the time. It has GPS connectivity that helps you navigating your position and it can help you source out the golf ranges of over 25000 courses in the world. It can be connected your smart phones via Bluetooth technology and you can control mini features of your phone through this computerized watch. By the time, user would be able to download more application of this watch through their phones.  The idea has shown a potential of capturing a huge market. The company was decided to enter the mass production activity this year with a production rate of 15000 watches per week with international shipments. To achieve the targeted profit of 1 million dollars, company has retained a month only.

Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch Features:

  1. Bi-Chrome 1.3’’ display with 144×168 pixels. High resolution monitors capacity result.
  2. Customized operation system FreeTROS that can communicate with android and iOS via Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Bluetooth connectivity support from 2.1 up to 4.
  4. Charging through an especial USB cable that stern from water.
  5. Watch is completely water resistant and can retain the feature in 15 feet depth.

The device is categorized as a smart watch upon the basis of its development. The long drop down of its features will grow further by time as the company will keep developing more features for this product.

CEO Erick MagicovSky has made a promise to enhance the display of watch and replace it with a color LCS soon. And developers are expecting an HD resolution featured LCD with video input soon.

Company has started the mass production of device and soon this watch will be available around the world.

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