Important Things To Remember When Traveling Alone

Updated October 6, 2023

Traveling Alone Tips

Being able to travel the world alone takes a lot of courage. It also takes a lot skill and know how of being able to move from destination to destination without being afraid of what or who you might find there. Your adventurous spirit is calling you and the places that you have always dreamed of going is now within your reach. You cannot find anyone to go with you, so you decide that you will see the world alone. Remember that there are basic things that you will need to do before going on your solo adventure. One of the best things to do is plan, find photographers, tell family and friends, your destination, write down your itinerary, exchange money, use popular travel sites, speak with someone you know who has traveled alone before.


Where you decide to go, it is always a great idea to plan. Begin to map out the destinations that you want to travel solo. Keep in mind if the places are smaller unknown destinations or those that are visited by millions of tourists. You may want to venture to a Mediterranean island or go skiing in the Alps Mountains. Or you may take a look at the Eiffel Tower in Paris or head over to Texas for some bull fighting. Wherever your personality and dream destination lies, be sure and plan your flight, hotel, nearby police stations and always look for the safest area that you can afford in your chosen destination.

Find Photographers

One of the best things to do in each destination is to find photographers. There are many people walking along the streets who will be happy to take a picture of you standing in front of your favorite monument or museum. Remember that there are also people in your hotels who are available to help you with taking photographers. If you have the money, you may want to hire a private photographer to go along with you for picture taking of your most memorable moments. Finding photographers for picture taking on each of your chosen destinations, ensures that you have quality, memorable photographs that you can look back on throughout the years with pride for a lifetime.

Inform Your Family and Friends About Your Destination

One of the most important things to consider when you are traveling solo around the world is safety. When you tell family and friends, your destinations, you are making sure that should something happen to you, they can call the police and let them know your destinations and itinerary. You will also want to call family and friends periodically to let them know where you are at a particular moment, particularly if you are going to multiple destinations.

List Down Your Itinerary

As you begin to look at things you want to do in each destination, make sure and write it down. Being able to write your itinerary down, means that you will always have it on hand to refer back to. If you need to add or subtract from it, then you can do that as well. Continue to read and write down your itinerary based on what you find to do in your chosen destination. This will keep you well organized, occupied and not allow you to get lonely. Reading and writing your itinerary will keep you busy during those down times when you are not on one of your solo adventures.

Exchange Currency

You will always need money or currency wherever you decide to go. There are many money exchanges around the world, both online and physically as you travel, that will exchange your currency for the currency being used by the country of your chosen destination. Using the most common currency for the country that you are visiting is not only best, but it is the polite way of saying that I appreciate being here and am willing to temporarily adapt to your culture.

Use Popular Travel Sites

There are many of these popular travel sites around that have been used by millions of tourists around the world. Make sure that you are using a reputable travel site for planning your next getaway. These travel sites offer flight, hotel, activities and even combination packages to take the stress from your planning.

Consult Someone With Experience

One of the best ideas is to speak with someone that you know and trust who has traveled solo before. If you know a family member or friend who is a world traveler and they often travel alone, get advice from them about some of the safest destinations to travel around the world. They may also have tips and advice about things to do and what to see in certain chosen destinations. Listening to someone who is a world solo traveler will help ease the tension that will often come from going it alone.

These are 7 great ideas for tips and advice to do before traveling solo. Remember to plan, find nearby photographers to take memorable pictures, tell family and friends, your destinations and itinerary so someone will know where you are in cases of emergencies, write and read your itinerary continuously, exchange your money for your chosen country’s currency, use popular travel sites for booking hotels, flights and activities and finally speak with someone that you know and trust, who is a world traveler and has done a solo adventure. These tips and advice will leave you feeling stress free and able to actually enjoy your solo adventures every time.

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  • Courtney

    The 7 tips and advice for traveling solo are all very true and promising. For myself those are ALL the things i have on my plan for traveling anywhere alone and would recommend to anyone for comfort and safety. One word for explaining everything; AMAZING very well said. I will have to share this. 🙂

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