No College Degree? No Problem! Use Online Learning To Start Your Own Business

Updated October 6, 2023

Do you really need a college degree to know how to run a business? Many entrepreneurs wouldn’t say so as they claim that most of the business lessons that have helped them to become successful were not learned in college. Moreover, we all know that the founder and head of Microsoft, a 110.4 billion USD business, does not have an MBA degree. So, how is he able to run his own company without having a college degree? With so many stories like his in the media, it can make many people wonder if they really have to spend at least 4 years in college when their only goal is to run their own business.

Having a college degree can help in starting a business but it is certainly not a prerequisite. Especially not in the digital age we live in when you can have access to education and information even without attending the traditional classroom lessons. Technological advancements and the rise of the internet have made eLearning the greatest revelation in today’s education which can help people pursue their dreams even without attending college.

Online Learning

The entrepreneurial spirit is not something you learn in college

Some people believe that entrepreneurial spirit can be taught at higher education institutions while others believe that it can only be taught by other entrepreneurs who have practical experience in the field. Yet, there is a very important distinction that should be mentioned. Certainly, both college and more experienced entrepreneurs can teach you entrepreneurial skills including the ability to manage money, to hire effective people, and to manage your staff. However, what no one can teach you but yourself is the entrepreneurial spirit which includes ambition, creativity, perseverance, and courage. If you were planning to enroll in college only because you thought that you will learn how to create revolutionary ideas for a successful business, college is not the system that will help you.

College system is designed to educate mass groups of students and escort them into the general workforce which is not exactly suitable for the entrepreneurs who have a bad time sitting still and when they want to act. That is why a lot of well-known entrepreneurs were bad students.

eLearning is the future of education

Entrepreneurs are known to be the very definition of self-learners and digital learning is offering them the exact tools they need through digital mentors and information. Why is eLearning better than college for entrepreneurs? Simply because although you are thirsty for knowledge, you do not want any knowledge, especially to be forced to learn information that is seemingly unrelated to your passion.  As a future entrepreneur, you want to learn what is interesting for you, what is immediately applicable, and what will bring immediate returns.  So, as a self-directed learner who does not want the traditional classroom education, you need to search for the right online learning courses for you and your goals.  Using digital learning to prepare for running your future business gives you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of a certain subject that is related to your business idea. For example, if you are passionate about chemistry and would like to make a business out of your passion, online learning resources can teach you both about chemistry and science business industry. Therefore, you are empowered with the right knowledge you need for becoming a successful business owner.

How is your financial situation?

Many people consider college as a long-term investment that will eventually lead you to gain big returns. However, isn’t so having your own business? College is becoming more expected and expensive. Yet, entrepreneurs are also known to be resource-savvy and they only focus on finding the time and money to get their business started.  Paying a fortune to put your life and business idea on hold for four years does not exactly sound exciting. That is why many entrepreneurs choose to rely on digital learning to gain knowledge because they can access education for smaller costs or even for free. Thus, they can invest the money they would have invested in their college taxes in starting their own business.

Online learning offers schedule flexibility

Another crucial resource that no entrepreneur would like to waste is time because, in the business world, time equals money. Technology for online education has come a long way promising a brighter future for busy people who want to continue their education but cannot find the time to attend classroom lessons. Online learning also allows freedom of location as the programs and courses are specifically designed for learning at a time and place that is convenient for you. Finding flexible course options will give you the time to spend on growing your business idea rather than sitting in a classroom and being force-fed with the knowledge you are not interested in. Moreover, when you start your own business and struggle with a busy schedule, using online education seems to be a perfect educational choice.

Find key partnerships

Although it may not seem so obvious, using digital education to help you get started with your business can also help you find key partnerships. Online learning platforms do not only connect mentors with students but can also connect professionals with other professionals from all around the world. So, you may have the opportunity to get in contact with people from the same industry as yours and create long-term partnerships that will help your business grow and help you learn at the same time.

Finding the time and money to attend college before pursuing your own business does not sound like the most suitable scenario for every entrepreneur. Digital learning is an amazing alternative that offers you the knowledge, flexibility, and financial resources to continue your education while also growing your business idea.

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