Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review

Updated October 6, 2023

MaxBlogPress has developed very useful plugins for wordpress users. Some plugins like Max Banner Ads Pro are free and some are paid. One of the paid plugin which can double and triple your affiliate income in Ninja Affiliate.

Ninja Affiliate Plugin is developed for those bloggers who have lots of blog posts and want to convert product related keywords into affiliate links. For example if a blog is related to web hosting and in posts the blogger used the keywords webhosting, blog hosting or any other keywords, the plugin will automatically link it to a affiliate link of a webhosting company for which you have affiliation.

Another example is if your blog has lots of keywords for which there are amazon products. The plugin will automatically link the keywords to the amazon product using your affiliate link. Thus your blog will generate income from each and every keyword.

Ninja Affiliate Plugin has lots of other features. For example you can open the affiliate links in new window, make the affiliate links nofollow, create groups of keywords to link to a affiliate like, enable and disable the feature in a single mouse click.

Screen shots of the plugin

convert keywords into affiliate links

The above screen shot is the control panel of Ninja Affiliate WordPress plugin, from where you can type keywords and affiliate link to let the plugin convert those keywords into clickable links using the affiliate link.

automatically link keywords with links

In this screen shot as you can see the plugin control panel also allow you to set a limit for the affiliate links. Set the number of affiliate links to show in a post for a keyword, use the same keyword to link to different affiliate links, format the affiliate link and enabling and disabling the plugin etc options are available here.

In short the plugin helps you to automatically convert all the keywords into money making machine. I mean all the keywords that you will describe in the control panel will be linked to its affiliate link and thus a hit on the link can convert the reader to sale and ultimately your commission.

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  • Nice post. I ended up using Pretty Link Pro, myself. It has a few more features and I got it at 50% off with a coupon a few months ago. I did look at this and a few others though. They all seemed nice.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Cole@ Pretty Link Pro is also very useful plugin. Hmm 50% off- that was great.

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