MGID and AdSense – 100% Compatibility!

Updated October 6, 2023

I have noticed that some bloggers blame traffic exchanges in getting their AdSense accounts banned. And really – Google has clearly stated that bloggers and webmaster should not use any kind of traffic exchange systems where no real people are involved.


Since I’m using both AdSense and MGID I have decided to make a research to find out, if there’s any danger in combining the two. To tell the truth, it’s 100% safe. The reason why some publishers fear it is that they may not have noticed some important things. Which things? I will explain it below.

Some bloggers refer to Google AdSense policy, which prohibits using traffic exchanges, but that note is only valid to the old style 1:1 traffic exchange programs where webmasters and users were encouraged to click around their own websites in order to earn credits. Such traffic exchanges are really damaging advertisers.

But MGID isn’t an obsolete 1:1 system. It’s the traffic exchange web 2.0 of the new generation which is 100% compatible with AdSense and has a smart anti-fraud system which doesn’t allow fake clicks or content impressions.

Another wrong opinion is that traffic which comes from new traffic exchanges is generated artificially, and that web 2.0 types are some sort of paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf or click exchange programs.

In reality MGID’s traffic consists of real readers who genuinely like the content they click on. So they click on a widget only because they’re interested in the article.

There’s no money paid out to users, and no rewards of any other kind either. The only benefit you receive is targeted traffic consisting of real visitors. In fact it’s against MGID’s policy to work with sites participating in traffic, link, and click schemes, auto surfing, or fraudulent click-exchange programs.

Incentives to view pages were necessary for the traffic exchange programs of the old type, when people had to view pages to earn credits. Web 2.0 systems are against it. People click only if they want to.

Next fear is non-convertible clicks and adult content. Judging from my own experience, MGID’s editorial team works good enough to create relevant news & make clicks convertible. When I wished to create news-previews myself, they gave me access to news-creation panel. It takes some skill to create them, but it’s a good way to make convertible clicks yourself. As for the content – MGID stands for family-friendly content. In fact it’s one of the MGID’s core values.

As you can see – there’s no need to worry about compatibility of MGID & AdSense. I even would advise you to use both as it will really benefit you.


  • Nice Post… Hope MGID and AdSense is 100% compatible

  • I’m totally confused! some says its ok with Adsense but some says its not support the adsense policy. Since adsense is becoming more strict day by day. So i m not going to use mgid as exchange policy.

  • hello, i am not sure about mgid because many users and many sites write a negative complains about mgid.

  • Istiak Rayhan

    I think the concept is good. I will try it for my site.

  • A Manglic

    Hello, I’ve find lot of sites saying negative against MGID so im not really sure, if we should use it or not

  • Will O'Hara

    MGID is not at all compatible with Google AdSense! This whole article is utter rubbish at best, and outright propaganda at worst. It would be appreciable, if you wish to excavate a bit more, to know the facts about all of this.

    So, let’s get a bit analytical. What is actually irking Google AdSense is that MGID promotes traffic exchange programs. This means that the traffic that comes through your site content is not necessarily interested in your website!

    Now what is actually cooking behind MGID’s traffic exchange program, and its claims to boost your traffic? Porn images, irrelevant contents and below standard materials, which are all creating hoards of low quality traffic. Yes, you have heard it right – the traffic exchange is done through promotion of illegal pornography sites, some of which appear to show minors.

    How can Google help you earn revenue with such illegal contents and degraded traffic? The funny thing is that you are being fooled without being able to understand a bit of it! Even if you do not wish to look so deeply, just consider what Google will do with a site that is filled with spam links which are totally irrelevant, not to mention the irritating pop-ups that keep on flashing every now and then to drive away the handful of serious traffic that visits your site.

    Last nail in the coffin is that you are actually not getting any substantial traffic at all though MGID. It is a manipulated job to fool you, and Google will hold you responsible for fooling it in turn and ban you one day. So, think which is more trustworthy for you – Google or MGID?

  • I’m really afraid of using it. And the biggest question here is, if you believe its legal why are you not using it?

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Ribice@ The post is old one. At that time we were using it but now we have stopped using it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I have updated the post now.

  • Man, I’m confused! a lot of people are saying it is ok with Adsense, And also a lot of people are saying it is not. Any way I’m searching it and will tell you my opinion as soon as possible.
    Thank you so much for your nice article

  • Christian Esperar

    It is! My friend who is also a blogger used it and his blog’s traffic boost up to 200% and there is no problem regarding the combination of the two.

  • Website Hyderabad

    I think it might not be against Adsense policy. But again it should be more deeply researched. We need to see google forums to see if anyone was banned for using mgid.

  • i found 80% negative reviews about mgid, that we cant use with adsense. Still confused after reading ur article.

  • jeevamani

    I have a website write now i have google adsense i wanted to put MGID Free traffic Exchange but wanted to now if any problem like google adsense getting disable.

    Thank you

  • Got confused. Just read that traffic exchange like mgid, 2leep are against AdSense TOS. I’ve removed them. Just to be on the safe side.

  • Rajib @ Everything About Blog

    Thanks dude. Finally I got the ans. Now, i will use mgid freely.

  • Mahendra

    Great to know but I have one question Why are you not using it then ?

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