Make the Move and Start Saving on Your Energy Bills

Updated October 6, 2023

Reduce Energy Bills

So many people are now concerned about every-increasing fuel prices, and many have already started thinking of using renewable energy sources to save more. Even if you have not yet decided to take any big measures, you can still take steps to limit your energy use and ultimately lower your energy bills in the process.

Steps to Improve Heating and Cooling Efficiency

  • Pay attention to your thermostat setting and ensure it is higher than 80 degrees on warm days. That will help, especially if you’re leaving it for longer than four hours.
  • Understand that you will be putting your heating and air conditioning under unnecessary stress if you repeatedly go in and out of your house. Avoid this as much as you can!
  • Rely on curtains and shades to limit how much sun you let in, especially in high summer. Keeping the sun out of your house and your windows shut will help your air conditioning be more effective and you will save energy and money in return.
  • Yearly maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential to keep it running efficiently. Periodically check the state of the filter and ensure it is free from dust.

Lighting appliances

Switching off lights as soon the task in the designated area is finished. There is no need to have a full bright light in multiple room workplace when only a single room is used. You should turn on lights only when needed. Usually, offices and even in some residential plots bulbs are switched on at night and are switched off late in the morning. On contrary to this, the need for lighting is for only a few dark hours at night.

What’s more, you should install lighting products using the correct wattage bulbs for the brightness required for the space. Too many lights and bulbs, even if they are low energy consuming ones, are a waste of resources and contribute to high energy bills.

Manage Refrigerators & Freezers

  • Refrigerators and freezers are appliances are not high energy consumers. But since they are on continuously they do contribute a good percentage in energy bills.
  • Use smart technology refrigerators that consume less energy for maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator.
  • Place refrigerators in cool places to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Maintain freezers. Older or faulty freezers use substantially more energy to maintain the correct temperatures.
  • Avoid over packing freezers. Allowing the cool air to circulate effectively reduces costs.
  • Check door seals regularly. Appliances such as fridges and freezers that don’t close correctly will continuously attempt to compensate for the increased temperature and use more energy.

Other than taking these steps, you should seriously think of trying ways to pay less for whatever energy you use. Many consumers don’t realize that they can save a lot simply by comparing different energy plans and switching suppliers. To get an idea, you need to check your current energy bills carefully and know what you’re paying. Once you know the tariff, you can then easily compare energy prices on Usave to find a better alternative to your current supplier. It does not take a lot of time but definitely goes a long way in improving your overall savings.

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