Significance of Using Audio Power Amplifiers

Updated October 6, 2023

Let us discuss here in detail about power amplifiers but for that we need to know what the term amplifier. It is used to take an input signal and increase its amplitude. These amplifiers find use in all major kinds of electronic devices which are designed to perform many functions. There are various types of amplifiers available in the market and each one has its own specific utility. Take example of a radio transmitter which uses an RF Amplifier which is designed to amplify a signal to drive an antenna. The power amplifiers are designed to drive loudspeakers.

In simple terms let us make you understand the purpose of using power amplifier; it takes signal from a source device which is then used at the transmitter end to drive a loudspeaker receiver such as those found here. It simply increases the amplitude of the input signal and drives it to the output end without any signal power loss.

However the signal received at the receiver end of all audio amplifiers contain many unwanted components that were not present at the transmission end which is called as the distortion. There are many types of distortion let us not go deep into that. One type of distortion creates noise that is heard by all of us at the background which does not allow the music to be played.

The power amplifiers have Watts as power rating which is a simple unit to measure the power unit. The other term which is of common use is the load impedance which is measured as ohms. The common load impedances are 8 ohms, 4 ohms, and 2 ohms. Power output of many modern amplifiers is higher whenever load impedance is low.

As if now it must be clear to all that an amplifier’s main purpose is to take the weak signal and make it strong to drive a speaker. The power amplifiers usually get necessary amplification energy of input signals from the AC supply. Ideally without distortion an amplifier can deliver signal at the output without distortion. But we know in reality no amplifier is perfect so some energy always gets wasted in the form of noise at the output. This energy wasted dissipates in the form of heat.

There are many features that can help us to monitor the status of the amplifier and also protect loudspeakers in case there is condition of overloading that leads to signal loss.

There is a lot more to write and know about power amplifiers as if now this much information is more to those who are not fully aware of them.

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