Major Torrent Sites Blocked by Indian Government. Amidst Chaos Appears a Ray of Hope

Updated October 6, 2023

Netizens of (so called) democratic India recently suffered a serious blow when Madras High Court ordered Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block torrent and other related free video downloading websites.  The major websites affected by the ban include Dailymotion, Vimeo, Paste Bin and The Pirate Bay. With all the major Torrent sites blocked by the Indian government (over 300 in number), millions of netizens feel cheated by the world’s largest democracy.

Piracy issues are said to be behind this move by the Indian government. Sources revealed that Chennai based Copyright Labs, an online anti-piracy company, convinced the Madras High Court to pass such orders.

Right or wrong, the impact has been made and people are now searching for ways to break the shackles. One of my high school teachers once told me that sincere efforts meet success. I think he was right. Hotspot Shield, a company that gave internet freedom back to the people in the gulf has come to the rescue of Indian netizens as well. For those who may not be aware of Hotspot Shield (as they never came across such situations earlier in their life), it has over 10 million users across the globe. Hotspot Shield security application is the world’s most preferred way to gain completely free and uncensored access to information available over the internet.

Major torrent sites blocked by the Indian government should not pose as a deterrent to Indian netizens who opt to use Hotspot Shield. As a Hotspot Shield user you can always browse the internet as an anonymous user. This free to download and easy to install security software protects privacy and identity of each user online. The revolutionary free Hotspot Shield VPN bypasses all the internet filters and lets you access all the information you want, uncensored. Millions of people from countries with censorship issues are already using Hotspot Shield to gain unrestricted access to information from every corner of the world.

Having reviewed the product and used it ever since the government of India banned access to torrent sites, I find Hotspot Shield to be a great free product.  If your government, school, university or office is deterring you from gaining access to any website you feel you should have free access to or you feel they are tracking your online activities and infringing your privacy, you should immediately start using Hotspot Shield. As an internet-savvy user I feel  it is our right to get online security, privacy and free access  to information at all times.

Author Bio:- Prashant is the Content Manager at Click Labs, online marketing partner of Hotspot Shield, the leading Free VPN service provider. He has written over 100 articles pertaining to online security, privacy and internet circumvention.

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