How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Updated October 6, 2023

If you are a B2B marketer seeking diverse ways to market your products and services, you must have heard that LinkedIn can be an excellent solution. It offers a community for building professional relations and finding answers. However, using LinkedIn for marketing comes with specific practices to follow, affecting how marketers do digital marketing on LinkedIn.

Read on to learn more about the reasons to adopt a B2B LinkedIn marketing strategy and some fundamentals regarding its application.

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Why is Linkedin Good for B2B

Before all, LinkedIn offers the space for the development of professional communities. Thus, many specialists, decision-makers, and experts hang out there. It leads to the idea that LinkedIn is a perfect marketplace for selling and promoting services and products for those looking for solutions.

In this regard, Linkedin B2B marketing strategies can help you by:

  • Adding to leads’ awareness. If you start promoting your products or brand, then LinkedIn can offer you some online presence. Later, you would connect with more people, share content, and provide solutions, raising awareness about your brand.
  • Supporting your authority and reputation. Besides, by applying networking and improving your profile, you can set a particular reputation among leaders and experts on the platform.
  • Better access to insights. At the same time, using LinkedIn for business contemplates that you connect with people and participate in discussions. It allows you to get more access to leads profile’s, pain points, and even contact details. In particular, you may use marketing outreach and find email addresses of B2B leads by name or domain. In that case, the specific LinkedIn email finder can help you extract addresses from search and personal pages.
  • Greater reach. Another advantage is the possibility of targeting various groups via content, ads, and targeted messages. For instance, you can utilize InMails to send offers or connection requests as well as targeted messages. LinkedIn offers a powerful Sales Navigator feature for selling on social media.

How to Use Linkedin for Marketing B2B

When it comes to B2B LinkedIn marketing, you should understand the peculiarities and opportunities social media offers. The platform’s main rule is to build relationships first and provide value.

Only after you are sure that the lead trusts you should you offer something like a product promo or service demo. Thus, prospecting messages are likely only to have insights or help offers. However, LinkedIn prospecting is one of many techniques; there are other LinkedIn B2B marketing examples, like content marketing and targeted ads.

How to do digital marketing on LinkedIn effectively, then?

Here are some tips to follow:

Determine the key objectives

Before starting any B2B LinkedIn marketing activity, you should define why you would do it in the first place. On LinkedIn, you can aim for many goals, but you should have a defined focus. Here are some of the goals you may want to achieve:

  • Increase brand awareness by improving online presence. This one is the most common goal, contemplating that you will use LinkedIn B2B content marketing.
  • Set yourself as a thought leader. It is another way to benefit from quality content and insights and generate leads in the long run.
  • Create a community. Also, as people look for solutions on LinkedIn, you can develop your groups and share insights and trends there. If your advice is good, you will likely have an audience and add to your recognition and sales after some time.
  • Promote existing or new products. Another way to use Linkedin for business is by sharing promos regarding a new product. The targeting ads will allow you to do this. Nonetheless, you should pick communication that will not be pushy.
  • Target new leads and direct traffic to the blog. You can bring more people to your website. In this regard, target new leads by putting your posts in people’s feeds. If your content is excellent, then they will come to your blog and start a customer journey.
  • Research. Lastly, you can use LinkedIn to get more insights about your leads. In particular, you can do social listening, ask questions in groups or do polls among experts within the industry. Sometimes, a good hashtag can be enough; in other cases, outreach may be needed.

Adopt the strategy with relationships in mind

As you can see, depending on the goal, you can apply different Linkedin B2B marketing strategies. The best LinkedIn marketing campaigns are the ones that take expertise and value at the center. Why? That way, you put less pressure on the leads and start with building relationships.

Let’s take a webinar strategy for product promotion as an example. It is quite a popular technique used by marketers on LinkedIn.

A webinar can be a great lead magnet, especially with an expert as a guest. After you promote the webinar via target messages, you can attract high-quality leads. They will be interested and can purchase your product after some time if you nurture the right.

As a result, you develop relationships first, and they matter on LinkedIn.

Make your profile look good

The integral part of any marketing strategy for LinkedIn is your image. That’s why you need to spend a certain amount of time developing an appealing and professional profile. There you can have two options, to start a company page or use a personal one to present your company.

You will need to focus on providing all the valid and relevant information. Let’s consider what a good LinkedIn personal page is about.

First, it should have a clear summary stating what you do and whom you represent. Secondly, you should fill in all the fields related to professional information, skills, and expertise you have.

Moreover, do not forget about a clear, sometimes corporate or formal, photo underlining your personality. You can add a photo or banner related to your company to specify your relationship with it or products you mention.

Be or act as a thought leader or expert

Another thing adding to any of your marketing strategies for LinkedIn is to show expertise.

How do you do it? Well, you share important insights and thoughts. They should help people with their solutions and be a part of larger guides.

In terms of B2B LinkedIn marketing, ensure that your profile is active. Write posts, update information on the conferences you attend, and mention people you communicate with or have projects with. Yet, remember that they should come in line with the field of your work and industry.

Share insightful content

You can only be helpful by bringing solutions. Notably, data and case studies are the things that professionals seek before taking any steps. That’s why a good insight on LinkedIn can give you reposts, likes, and followers.

Nonetheless, do not share solely facts. There is room for expert pieces on trends and challenges. Try to create long and short articles that can be promoted. For this reason, you have a page update feature, allowing your content to appear on the leads’ feed.

Do collaborations

Marketing on LinkedIn for businesses requires you to have good coverage and be visible to the audience. Thus, contacting various opinion leaders, experts, and influencers with a certain amount of followers can be a good idea.

Some may be approached to participate in a study; others can be asked to join the webinar. Remember that they have their audience, and even if they mention you in their post can bring you more engagement.

Target people with ads

Lastly, pay attention to the targeting features LinkedIn has. Why? Well, they are pretty accurate, and if you segment your audience right, you can get high returns. The main options refer to page updates, targeted messages, and InMails. That way, you can reach people with direct messages, feeds, and email inboxes, respectively.

However, remember that the best time to offer is when the leads already know you and got value from you. Best LinkedIn marketing campaigns target those who participated in the event or reacted to a recent post. Approach the hot leads, and if you want to engage with cold ones, nurture them first.

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