How To Pull Cable Around Corners

Updated October 6, 2023


Pulling cables seems to be an easy job to most people or simply laying cables for the matter of fact and many presume just by seeing how it is done or how it looks while being done that it is something that can be done easily.

This however is not so true since it is not only just about placing cables that will be able to function later on, but it is also about making sure these remain undamaged and can last for a very long time, especially if they are meant to be covered up.

Luckily there we have equipment that can aid us such as cable rollers and their related mechanical equipment to make laying or placing cable and wires easy and accurate which allow us not only to do our task efficiently but also accurately in a way that prevents problems during the process.

One of the most important equipment for processes such as laying out cables and wires is a cable roller. This provides us with the benefit of being able to properly and accurately place cables or wires with such precision as well as safety and good handling to ensure the job is done well.

Basic of Cable Rollers

Cable Rollers

  • First of all, you need to understand what cable rollers are in able to know how to use the kind of equipment that you will be using when you pull a cable around corners. Cable Rollers are essential equipment that is used for smoothly handling wires as when they are being placed.
  • By using these kinds of equipment you will be able to ensure that the cables are placed quickly and efficiently while not being damaged or getting caught in unnecessary objects or passages. Most of the time you will need a few different cable rollers depending on the path where you will have your cable or wires flow and these will make sure that the path of the wire with go the direction you intend it to go once set up properly.
  • Not only do these cable rollers allow you to put a cable or wire through but they also allow you to put multiple wires which will save a lot of time once the process is done. There are different kinds of cable rollers and each has their own purpose for a specific layout or use. In this case you will want to use the corner cable roller or similar equipment in able to ensure the task of pulling a cable around a corner goes smoothly.

Steps On How To Pull Cable Around A Corner

Pull Cable Around Corner

Begin by setting up the cable rollers that you will be needing depending on which corners you will be placing cables around. Depending on what kind of space you will be covering or if the area is elevated or the wire or cable will be suspended, you will need different rollers for each situation although most have more than one use.

Around Corner

Be sure to place everything firmly and make sure that it is locked, connected or hanging properly to avoid any issue later on. You want to make sure the cable rollers don’t drop, detach or moved out of their place that they should be in.

Hang Properly

To start off you need to use pull tape or any tape that you have prepared specifically for the purpose of pulling the wire or cable later, place the pull tape going through the cable rollers as this is somewhat related to measuring but more on the part as a temporary wire or cable which will then be substituted with the others.

Pull the Tape

Once you have placed the pull tape through the cable rollers, head over to the end and attach the wires or cables that you intend on placing around the area or through the passage that you have set up.

Connecting Cables

After connecting the wires or cables to your pull tape, begin by using a pulling tool or you can pull on the pull tape manually. This will cause the wire to follow wherever the pull tape was placed allowing it to smoothly arrive to the end.

Pull Tape

Make sure you pull with the proper force and pull in the right direction as you do not want to have any of the cable rollers being detached or put out of place.

Cable Roller

Proceed pulling the cable or wire through until it reaches you, this will not take up a lot of time and will save you the hassle of doing the wires or cables one by one. The wires or cables should successfully pass through the cable rollers with ease if they have been placed correctly.

Pulling the Cable

Once the cable or wire reaches the end, that’s it and you have successfully pulled a cable or wire around a corner.

This method works for other cable pullers as well but we only used this kind in the example.

Other cable rollers will be used if need such as those to be placed on or that go into smaller areas.


It may seem that pulling or laying down wires or cables can be easily done most of the time but this can sometimes prove us wrong since certain situations will require more than just steady hands and some strength.

Good ways of handling cables and wires will ensure proper placement which can be achieved using the necessary equipment and this does not only limit to one cable or wire, but multiple wires which will save you time and make sure that the cables are in place properly.

Depending on where you plan to place cables you may need to resort to using different kinds of cable rollers to make sure you can bring the cable or wire around the corner properly and you must stick to its proper use and avoid trying to use it for a purpose it is not intended for.

With the simple help of a cable roller you can easily pull a cable or wire around a corner and save a lot of time while preventing the need to redo the process if ever an error occurred since the cables offer good handling and accurate placement.

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