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Updated October 6, 2023

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It’s no secret; every business today, no matter how large or small, needs a website to survive and thrive. However, a business just starting out can’t afford to spend money on building a website. Plus, while there are website builders available online, some cost too much. Not to forget, choosing from the plethora of options becomes a hassle.

However, you can skip all the searching and just use 8b Mobile Site Builder, which lets you make a responsive and attractive website, even if you’re absolutely new to making websites.

About 8b Simple Website Builder

As the name suggests, 8b is a website builder software, but what differentiates it from other website builders is that it doesn’t have any pre-requisites. So, even if you have no idea of web designing or coding, you can make a nice, eye-catching website in just a day! Without putting in too much effort, you can make a well-planned and structured website that can help give your business the boost it needs.

Benefits of 8b

8b Simple Website Builder comes with a plethora of benefits. These include:

  • Creating a website without money

When choosing any website builder, you must consider the amount of money you can spare to get good results. However, with 8b, you don’t have anything to do of that sort. 8b provides easy-to-use solutions along with incredible designs so that you can have the perfect website. In addition, there are also no subscriptions or ads, and you don’t even need to pay a one-time fee. Despite being free, the app has a clear and precise design and makes it really easy to design a website.

  • Choose a free template

8b Mobile website builder lets you make a mobile-ready site in just minutes, even if you have no clue about how to design web pages. You start off the process by picking a template that catches your eye the most. You can view all the templates on the main page of the app. Alternatively, you can also sign up for the app first and then pick your desired template. Regardless of the purpose of your website, you will surely find a suitable template. 8b has several templates you can use, including music, hotel, and even company, so you can get a template that suits your business niche.

  • Design your pages

Now that you’ve picked the template, the next step is to design the web page. You have the option of modifying the template’s existing sections by visually editing them, or you can make use of the section settings with sliders and toggles and adjust the way your sections look. In addition to that, you can also easily set your website’s global styles like button colors and fonts to what you desire.

  • Publish your website for free

Finally, now that your website is designed and ready, the next step is publishing. While some website builders ask you money for that, 8b does that for absolutely free! Simply click the hamburger you see on the upper right corner and then click on publish. A sweet, congratulations message will pop up along with the current address. The website you’ve just created will also have its own domain; however, you can customize that if you want.

Moreover, you can submit the website you just made to Google for indexing. Also, you can export your site to your desktop as well if you want to make some additional changes to it.

Why choose 8b?

Website Builder

Apart from being free, there are other compelling reasons why you should choose 8b to make your next site.

First of all, the website builder works with an AMP platform, which means that your website will work perfectly on any and all phones. The design of your site will change automatically, depending on the device being used, so you don’t need to fret about all these things while designing it. Once you have published your site, a mobile icon will appear, which can show you your site on phone mode.

In addition, 8b allows you to create unlimited pages, so your website can have as many pages as you would like it, and it would still be free of cost.


Knowing how beneficial 8b Mobile Web Builder is for designing your website, there’s no reason to use another website builder! Remember, a website is essential for all kinds of businesses, and with the ease of use that 8b provides, you can have your mobile-friendly website ready in no time, free of cost!

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