How to Connect Outlook Inbox with Salesforce?

Updated October 6, 2023

Integrating Outlook inbox with Salesforce provides sales teams with the ability to manage their email apps and keep up-to-date salesforce data. They access Salesforce data in Outlook and vice versa.

The CRM tool is automated to sync events, contacts, and tasks. Customer records get updated in real-time, and sales reps get greater visibility of customer data in both Salesforce and Outlook. It is an effective strategy for saving money and improving business productivity. To connect Outlook inbox with Salesforce, follow these steps.

CRM for Inbox

Have Outlook and Salesforce running

If you want to have an alternative for Salesforce inbox, the solution is Revenue Grid salesforce inbox outlook integration. Your organization, however, needs to have the required tools, such as cloud licenses or on-prem deployment. The integration offers you a highly customized alternative with features that will give your sales team impressive experiences.

Before you integrate Outlook with Salesforce, create the right environments for both tools. That means both tools must be installed in your system and running. If you are yet to install Salesforce in your system, start by downloading and installing the CRM into your computer system. Note that you have to have administrator permission to set up Salesforce or integrate it with Outlook. Get the permissions from your IT team to make sure all settings work out well.

For Outlook, the version that will work best is Outlook 2019 or Microsoft Office 365 if your operating system is Windows 10. Your 2013 and 2016 Outlook versions will still be compatible, although it is better to use the more recent Outlook versions. Another requirement is to have your emails managed under the MS Exchange server. The following steps are crucial to follow.

Step 1: Open Outlook to configure settings for connecting to Salesforce

Your Outlook needs to connect with Salesforce, but you must open them to enable integration.

  • Open the Salesforce Setup menu.
  • Navigate to locate Outlook. Once you see the Outlook icon in Salesforce, click on it.
  • Look for an icon called outlook integration & lightning sync.

Step 2: Change the settings of your Outlook email domain

The Outlook default domains automatically connect with Salesforce once you enable integration. Its domains can either be,, or

The difference comes when Outlook is running in your company domain, for instance, In this case, you have to configure the domain and whitelist it on Salesforce.

  • Maximize Outlook and navigate in the Outlook integration & lightning sync to find the Microsoft Outlook web app domain.
  • Click on it and then click New
  • Add your company domain by following the URL format

Step 3: Integrate the Salesforce application to Outlook

  • Go to Outlook and then download the Salesforce application. Your next step is to install the app you have just downloaded.
  • On the Outlook email page, click to create a new email and check where you will find a small plus sign.
  • Click on three dots and then click Add-ins. In the marketplace, type or search Salesforce. Several applications that look like Salesforce will display. Ignore the many related apps there and only open the free app named Salesforce.
  • Once you open it, it will install in Outlook.

Step 4: Sign in to Salesforce using Outlook

  • Open again the email page you opened in step 3.
  • You will see the Salesforce label in Outlook.
  • Click the label, and Salesforce will open.
  • Choose production and then sign in to the app and then click allow.
  • Key in your Salesforce logins and confirm sharing Outlook information with Salesforce. Once you click allow, the integration will be complete.

You can now open the Salesforce app in Outlook and perform advanced settings, such as turning on enhanced email to allow automated email logging. With the help of your IT team, customize your Salesforce tool in Microsoft Outlook to make the user experience better.


Salesforce is an intuitive CRM tool that allows integration with hundreds of other tools. Integrating it with Outlook provides your sales team with the power to improve email management to increase leads and conversions. You can get a free Salesforce App from Microsoft AppSource and connect it with Outlook within a few minutes.

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