How to Brand Your Business on Social Media

Updated October 6, 2023

So, you’ve started a business and have all the formalities in order. Now, it’s time to start creating a strong brand for yourself and spreading the word of your business to potential customers – and in today’s day and age, there’s no better place to do that than on social media.

At this point, choosing to stay offline makes you seem downright old-fashioned. But you should also take care not to stumble through it. So, don’t fall behind, and don’t make a fool of yourself. Read on for our best tips on how to establish a brand for your business on social media the right way.

Brand Your Business on Social Media


Create a Cohesive Identity Across Platforms

Firstly, before you start posting anything, take a moment to consider what sort of online presence you want your business to have. It should, of course, go hand-in-hand with whatever products or services you’re selling, both in tone, spirit, color scheme, etc. But  social media also presents a chance to express yourself in more casual, creative ways than traditional media like commercials and websites. So, if it doesn’t go directly against your concept, you could also consider running your social media channels e.g. with a signature, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor or featuring your in-store employees as (willing) regular “characters”. But if you do, make sure not to overdo it, post with the right tools and stay consistent on all channels. Too many businesses fail spectacularly on social media due to lack of experience and rushing things – don’t be one of them.

Don’t Get Hacked: How to Protect Your Channels

Another very important aspect to take into account before getting started is cybersecurity. There are many business horror stories out there of entrepreneurs losing control of their accounts and never being able to get them back. All they can then do is sit there and watch as hackers post inappropriate videos, memes, propaganda – or whatever else they can come up with – on the account, tarnishing the business’ public image. If you want to avoid this fate, it’s of utmost importance that you create strong, individual passwords for each of your accounts. Make them as random as possible – perhaps with the help of a generator like passwordhero, if you’re having trouble coming up with good passwords yourself. Also, make sure to use two-factor authentication, back up everything and limit access to the accounts only to those who really need it.

Engage with Your Followers

Lastly, don’t just use your social media channels to post pictures and videos of new products to your followers. Engage with them! The advantage of being active on these platforms is that both existing and potential customers already spend plenty of hours there every day – unlike, for example, a website that you have to convince them to leave whatever they’re doing to visit. Ask for reviews, answer questions, do giveaways, post their stylings of your products if you e.g. sell clothes or jewelry. Make them feel like they know you and get them excited to do business with you.

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