How To Add Guest Post Option In WordPress Blog?

Updated October 6, 2023

Guest posting is the best option which can engage your reader to your blog. This provides the opportunity to the readers to contribute what they are thinking. Through guest posting only, people other than you can contribute in your blog and share their ideas.

Also guest posting gives you one backlink to that site where you are going to guest post.It makes your own brand.Blog gets news readers and you get relationship to other bloggers which provides you most guest posting opportunities.

If you consider the above points then you must need to provide guest posting opportunity to your blog.But in some cases though people search for blogs to guest post an article, they do not get a blog to make the guest post or they just do not get the right way to make a guest post.

So, while enabling the guest posting opportunity you must be very tricky and your guest posting procedure must be very smooth to others.So that others do not face any difficulty to make a guest post in your blog.

In some blogs people describe their rules and regulations to make the guest post but the procedure is not so smooth. So, they get less number of guest post because of this. In some blog it is written to send the articles in a mail address. But people also do not feel user friendliness cause they are used to write post in a blog platform. So, they look for a registration option in the blog and they think that this is the most reliable option.

Keeping all these in mind you should enable your guest posting opportunity in your blog. If you are using WordPress then this is very easy for you to enable the guest posting opportunity in your blog with the Registration and Login Process for the blogger. I have explained below how to do this.

You just need to follow the below simple steps to enable your Guest Post platform in your WordPress Blog:

  1. Just Log in to your WordPress Admin page.
  2. Then go to “Settings” and select “General” tab.
  3. Now in the “General” tab Check mark the “Membership” tab.
  4. Now just below this you will get New User Default Role and set it as “Contributor”. Selecting this as contributor ensures that the member will not be able to do anything other that posting in your blog.
  5. Now “Save”changes.That is all.Now you are done and people can register and log it to your blog.
  6. To make it visible in your blog you need to put the below links in your header menu.The links are below:

For Registration:

For login:

Please replace the “yoursitename” with your own site name and enjoy the advantages of Guest posting in your WordPress blog.

Author Bio:The name of the author of this post is Himadri Subrah Saha. He is a part time blogger and running his blog Tech N Techie. Tech N Techie is about blogging tips, technology news and technology related tips & tricks.


  • babukumar

    This is amazing way to setup guest posting on site , your site help me lots .i think its too great to see this kind of information .real thing is that all this happen without any plugin. thanks for

  • Knkiizquisley

    Hi, Thanks for the tips. I did a guest blogging but i don’t think so its working me. Can i change in my strategy? Please suggest.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Guest Posting works, but you need to establish guidelines which will not hurt your blog. For example “not allowing” irrelevant links in articles, duplicate content, irrelevant articles and articles with inaccurate information.

      Otherwise it is the best way to update your blog without doing much efforts.

  • Guest posting brings a lot of residual traffic only if you have guest posted on a popular website.

  • I have been writing quest posts but I have not think of creating this features on my websites,

    Thanks for this tips

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