All-Time Most Popular and Ever Useful Web Designing Tools

Updated October 6, 2023

Web design plays a great role in many aspects of a website; one of which is the physical or the overall layout. While some bloggers or webmasters do not dwell much on the physical side of their sites, it is still very important to attract visitors and boost readership. The physical aspect is still very important for your site’s success, thus, you cannot just afford to sacrifice its importance. This, however, wouldn’t be possible without the help of the web designing tools which have always been the best friends of any webmasters or graphic designers. Web design does not necessarily mean graphic representation; it also includes CSS formatting, scripting and coding. Text formatting and alignment are just two of the hundred factors covered within the scope of web designing.

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Here is the list of the all-time most popular and useful web designing tools you should know;

1. PhotoShop

This is one of the pioneering software for graphic editing. Majority of bloggers find this tool easy to use and helpful enough in designing logos, banners and graphic backgrounds for blogs or websites. Photoshop has been around for more than a decade already serving the same purpose. With this, you can easily edit pictures, add brushes, put on different effects, etc… In short, you can do almost anything for your website’s physical appearance. Over time, this tool evolved making things even a lot easier for designers.

2. Dreamweaver

When it comes to editing codes, scripts and CSS, this tool could best serve such purpose. Even though you have to pay for a license, every penny is worth the comfort, usability and functionality of Dreamweaver. Some of the features include built-in FTP client, smart coding, easy debugging, highlighting function, work flows and project management tool. Aside from that, Adobe products like Photoshop can easily be integrated to add even more functionality.

3. FireWorks

It functions more like Adobe Photoshop with its unique features and functionalities. With this web designing tool, you can made a PDF file of your entire blog’s codes with fully clickable links. If you are a Mac user, this tool can also be a perfect companion as it runs both on Mac and Windows OS.

4. Panic Coda

If you are looking for a perfect CSS editor with full FTP client functionality, this tool will be your perfect option, too. You can even say that this is an award-winning tool for its features and functionalities. If today, Dreamweaver and Photoshop are put into one package, Panic Coda has gone beyond that a few years back. Its developers are putting new features and upgrading it every year to keep up the pace in the World Wide Web.

5. Firebug

With this, you can easily edit any HTML and PHP documents; you can even see the preview of the site you are editing before you actually apply the codes. It means that you will feel secured when editing your site. Firebug has been around for years helping small and big time web designers and bloggers.

6. SplashUp

It is one of the best alternatives for Photoshop. Although, this tool is a browser-based web editing tool, it enables you to edit photos, create banners and add some effects to your boring pictures. SplashUp is a great help when you haven’t installed any graphic editors–what you need is an Internet connection.

7. LogoEase

One of the most important factors to create a brand is the logo. LogoEase is an online tool that lets you create professional logos for your websites or blogs. You will be amazed how to use it is. The best thing is that, you will to choose a category which best describes your website; that would be your starting point to create the kind of logo you like to represent your site or brand–you don’t need to have great skills with graphic designing to be able to use this tool.

8. CSSTypeSet

The truth is, only a few people know how to create cascading style sheet to make your site look professional and compatible with any browser. CSSTypeSet could be a perfect tool for you to come up with a perfect CSS for your blog/site. What you need to do is enter the text on a certain field and CSS codes will easily be generated for you.

9. DoTemplate

If you like a certain template for your site but want to add more features or edit some colors and text-formatting, DoTemplates is just the best option there is. You can edit the header, the content and navigation area, and the footer without a sweat. You can even customize it to your liking. With easy-to-use and simple interface, you can never ask for more.

10. WordPress Theme Generator

One of the most popular platforms today is the WordPress; if you are one of the bloggers who have self-hosted WordPress blogs and want to customize their look to fit your taste or make them more professional, you’ve got to use this web designing tool for your convenience. With this one, you will be able to edit or create your own WP theme without a hassle. It has become one of the most popular tools for WordPress bloggers today.

The overall layout of a website is an important factor to keep your visitors stay or come back. Moreover, if you want to sell something, you want to make every product presentable and worth-buying for. Thus, having a perfect web design will be a great help in your online marketing strategies and success.

As shown above, there are only five web designing tools mentioned here; there are still a lot out there which you may find more useful. This list, however, suggests that you try to use any of the above mentioned tools or applications to your liking.


  • Nokriinfo

    Thanks @ Harold Mendoza, great ideas.

  • kbharath

    Great tools for webdesigning, and my favourite is photoshop and dreamweaver.

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