How Important It Is to Have a Future Automated Technology For Quality Your Life

Updated October 6, 2023

Have you ever thought of using automated solutions in your home? While many people still insist that “doing things in the way our ancestors did them” is the best way, let us give you some examples:

  • The transportation system has facilitated commuting, traveling;
  • Computers have modified the way we study, communicate, and work;
  • Robots have changed the way manufacturing enterprises function, surgeries are made, medicines are produced, and similar.

Are you still thinking that living the old way is better?

Now, let us have a look at what modern technologies with micro linear actuator components can improve the quality of your life.

Elimination of Human Error


Future Inventions

People make mistakes. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept it. It is our drawback but it is our benefit, as well, because it makes us different from machines.

Mistakes can happen due to different reasons:

  • We are distracted by something and lose focus or do something in the wrong way;
  • We are limited physically: we might not have enough physical power to lift something, energy to do something, and similar.

Machines don’t get distracted and they do everything as programmed. If a machine is made properly, it is expected to provide the needed capacity level during its service life. So, machines are irreplaceable in tasks where human error can cause significant losses, threaten the health and life of other people, or cause other issues.

Boosting the Consistency Level

How long can you repeat one and the same procedure without making an error or missing something? While people lose attention after a while or can move slower or faster without noticing it, this is not the case with machines. They perform specific actions as programmed. They make a series of movements with the same intervals, without slowing down or speeding up. It provides a top level of consistency for demanding industries such as pharmacology, electronics, and similar.

Providing the Required Accuracy Level

Can you repeat the same process with the top accuracy level? Most likely, you can. And what about repeating the same process with the top accuracy level 1000 times? We bet nobody can do it. However, a machine can: it performs every process in the way it was programmed. Inaccuracies are excluded.

It is especially important in processes that require exact measuring, installations, measurements, and similar.

Manufacturing of More Complex Goods

While a human is able to manufacture complex goods, the advancement is still limited by the physical abilities of a person. Say, a human eye cannot see very small objects, a human hand cannot manipulate extremely small devices, and similar. Basically, we are limited with our body, or rather our body’s abilities.

Machines don’t have such limitations though. We can create machines that can see small particles and manipulate minute objects. It enables the creation of extremely complex goods that cannot be manufactured otherwise.

Identifying Errors More Easily

While automation offers a lot of benefits, it is also prone to errors and malfunctions. When the parts wear down, pieces break down, things move out of alignment, other automation systems, such as sensors, triggers, data collectors can detect such issues errorlessly and inform us about them.

Now, when we know how automation can improve our life quality, we can check in what industries it can serve. By the way, in some fields, no further development is possible without automation.


The application of automated systems in medicine cannot be ignored. Automated mechanisms such as lifts, recliner chairs, hospital beds, dentist chairs, and other devices improve the life quality of patients and facilitate care for them. However, it is the only benefit of automation.

Microsurgical intrusions such as laparoscopy, eye surgery, blood vessels surgery, and similar, became possible only with the introduction of automated systems. Needless to mention equipment used in intensive therapy rooms, and similar.


In pharmacology, accurate measuring and mixing are required to produce a medicine that will have an expected effect on people. A human eye cannot distinguish the smallest fractions of components while a human hand isn’t always capable of measuring them. Here is when automated systems come to help while different sensors allow controlling the temperature level, the purity level of components, and similar.


The aerospace industry wouldn’t exist without automation. Can you imagine flying to orbit without a spaceship or going to the open space without special equipment that protects you, monitors your vital signs, and provides you with oxygen, the needed pressure, etc.?

Some Words to Wrap up

All in all, automation has already penetrated all walks of our lives. While we still might experience some bottlenecks and discrepancies, the automated systems are developing at an impressive pace. Combined with artificial intelligence, IoT, VR, AR, and other technologies, automation might change our entire approach to life in the very near future.

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