How Business Ensure They Are Practicing Equality

Updated October 6, 2023

Equality has been at the forefront of the world’s hottest topics, and the business world has been a big part of that. Many companies have lost a lot of business for not adjusting their rules and operation to fit an inclusive lifestyle. This has been a topic that, for various reasons, seems to be a  struggle to get everyone on board.

For example, industries that are female-dominated such as education, pay less than male-dominated industries. When women enter professions in large numbers the pay tends to decrease overall, according to LinkedIn.

Fortunately, an increasing number of businesses are putting in the extra hard to ensure that their hiring process and policies in the office are non-discriminatory. These are just some of the ways that they’re practicing equality.

They Create a Hiring Committee Instead of Relying on One Hiring Manager

Checks and balances have been proven to work for centuries in a variety of ways. When it comes to hiring, many businesses create a panel of two or more people, representing different genders and ethnicities to participate in the interview and decision process. Not only does this give the interviewee the confidence that they are not going to be rejected based on how they look, but it also ensures that the company doesn’t have one mind making all the choices.

They Represent More of the Community

When a company or brand branches out and brings people from all kinds of backgrounds on board, they not only create a more diverse business, but they also relate to more of the community. Having employee representation in a business that covers and collaborates with all kinds of unique people makes working there a more comfortable environment. This also builds more trust with the community and a loyal fan base, as customers like to see that people with their demographics are welcome and celebrated at the company.

They Get Regular Consulting and Equality Audits

A smart company will always want to keep its policies and procedures updated and inclusive, which is why many will get regular or annual consulting and equality audits. Having a consultant perform an economic damage analysis will better help clients understand if their performance was held back by their positions on equality.

They Have Regular Team Meetings For Feedback

Many businesses like to make their employees feel heard, and one way of doing that is to hold weekly or monthly feedback meetings. This allows time and space for employees to discuss any concerns or problems they’ve had on the job and builds a sense of trust between the company and workers. Group meetings are great ways to build friendly communication not only between management and subordinates but between coworkers too. Having respect among peers in the office space is critical to ensuring that a company strives for equality.

They Have Quarterly Reviews

Another form of checking in with employees is made easy with quarterly reviews. This is an opportunity for employers to discuss a worker’s performance, entirely based on their productivity. It also creates a space for the employee to discuss anything that concerns them on a one-to-one or one-to-few level.

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