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Updated October 6, 2023

Now here comes the ultimate search engine for MP3 music files, whatever is available on internet can be found on this very useful website You can now easily download free songs using the power of this great search engine.

mp3 songs search engine

The website has the feature to index internet and find the mp3 files available and add to its database. Currently there are 1506710 files and the number is growing. The search box that is available on the top provides you the ability to search files in the database by “All songs by artist” , “Album”, “Artist”, and “All”. The search engine has also the feature to find songs using the “A”,”B”….”Z” from the list.

From Hollywood to Bollywood every music file is available in the website. The webpage free music downloads allow you to find the chart where you can easily find songs in different categories. For example Pop Songs, Adult Pop Songs, Latin Songs, Rap Songs, Rock Songs, Jazz Songs…….

Users can rate and review the songs and can add comments to express there views about a song. You also have the feature to share any song with your friends on facebook, twitter and other social community websites. Enjoy free mp3 songs using the power of

It is free to use however make sure to read the Term of Service available on the website. Its indexer is finding more and more files, thus you will no need to find any mp3 song any where else but can easily find here at

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  • Likan Patra

    I dont think that the site is legal. where we can get all songs for free.

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