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High Google Author Rank Assures Top Website Ranking in Search Engines

We all know that great content make things happen as far as the number of online readership of the website is concerned However, do you know that content can further be prioritized and labeled as important in search engine pages based on the popularity of its author? This is what’s called as Google Author Rank.

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But first, what is Google authorship?

Basically, Google authorship allows website owners to connect their website posts, online videos, and other forms of content to their Google+ profile. If you are able to set up your Authorship properly, it ensures that your pictures will be found together with the Google search results that contain the links to posts that you created for your web site, pages, or other online avenues.

Popular authorship means valuable content

Now going back to author rank; if you acquire a high author rank, every article or content that you create and post in your website will be considered as one that comes from a popular author. In effect, your articles will be ranked highly in search engine pages.

Vital factors that affect Google Rank

How do you achieve high Author Rank and enjoy lots of organic traffic as a result? An important thing to remember is that you must have a good knowledge of the factors that weigh significantly on Google Author rank.

While there are countless of factors that affect the value of Google Rank, the following are the most important ones that help come up with solid Author ranking that places our websites in organic search engine pages.

• Page Rank or PR of the content of the author
• Authority value of websites where the content has been posted
• Number of +1’s and Google+ that the content receives
• Author’s connection to other authors with valuable Author Ranking
• Level of engagement of the local Google+ content of the author
• Presence of exterior online sites with authority, such as Wikipedia web pages
• World authority indicator such as published articles on Google Scholar or Books

Ways to build and improve your Google Author Rank

1. Create your very own Google+ profile

SEO experts are one in saying that a Google+ profile is necessary in order to improve your Google Author Rank. Consequently, having a high author rank improves your website’s rankings in all the major search engines. This is why you must make sure that you have a profile that’s fully optimized in order to make it happen.

Apart from the standard details found in profiles such as name, college, state and address, and most recent photo – you will also have to include URL of the site or sites that you own in the “Contributor To” profile section.

2. Maximize your Google+

Your Google+ “in circles” will be heavily considered when determining Google Author Rank. To increase the number of your “in circles”, you must update your website on a daily basis, whether through articles or videos. A constantly updated site is a reason for more people to follow it.

Likewise, try to make the best “About” section possible since most readers consider such information in their decision to include authors in their Google+ “in circle.”

3. Continue to create and post relevant and compelling content

To build your Google Rank, you must continue to write killer content for your website. If you are used to churning out mediocre posts, it’s time to change your strategy by writing stellar content. You know that you have come up with a superb article if it demonstrates your expertise in your chosen niche and shares valuable knowledge to your readers.

Simply put, Google Author Rank is essential in obtaining high search results rankings. Just perform these few easy steps to achieving high authorship ranking and immediately, you will reap the desired rewards such as a great boost in search engine ranking.