The Benefits of Virtualization For a Small Business

Updated October 6, 2023

virtualisationFor small businesses there are many concerns to be had in the current economy and not all of them are fiscal. Whilst, as per norm, the aim of a company is to grow profits whilst shrinking expenditure, there are also the issues of complying with environmental targets and legislations whilst trying to maintain customer satisfaction. Thankfully, virtualisation can help a company in each one of these areas.

Virtualization is the process of maximizing IT equipment to enhance its productivity through rationalization with the aim of centralizing administrative tasks while improving both scalability and workloads. This, in layman’s terms, means creating a virtual, as opposed to physical, version of a piece of equipment. More often than not this can come in the shape of a phantom hardware platform or an operating system for a computer or network of computers. The theory is that by doing this it is possible to cut costs by needing fewer servers to power a businesses’ IT equipment. Due to this energy will be saved as there will be a smaller number of actual physical servers that need powering; for every piece of virtualization used instead of a piece of hardware the energy cost are cut further and further into fractions. The domino effect continues as, due to the fact there are less physical servers, not as much energy is needed to cool them and less space is required in the data centers to host them. By cutting the amount of areas that need attention, business will have freed up time to be more proactive with their IT environment.

The benefits do not end there as there are plenty of more effects which, through their interactive nature, help further increase a businesses’ proficiency. The knock on effects continue as, due to cutting energy, a business will have less carbon emissions and thusly will be a more environmentally sound business with a smaller carbon footprint. By employing virtualisation systems the company have saved money and enhanced their green credentials; a win-win scenario.

Further money can be made because of the way virtualisation systems can streamline a company’s efficiency and, in turn, improve their productivity. Efficiency is increased as there will be less down time; business continuity will be improved and, as such, the overall operations will run smoother and be more expeditious. Ultimately there will be more up time to concentrate on creative endeavours and less people will be needed for admin too; business staff will be able to concentrate on the areas of their business which they hope to attract customers with and, as such, can go some way to gaining customer satisfaction.

Ultimately virtualization improves the entire foundations of a business from helping a company increase their environmental credentials with a green initiative through to more efficient infrastructure with lower cost of total ownership. The great thing about virtualization is that elements of it can be carried out across all elements of a companies IT division; from servers to desktops, networks to storage devices, all applications can be virtualized.

Author Bio:- Kieron Casey is a BA (Hons) Journalism graduate who blogs regularly on a number of topics including IT equipment, small business advice and IT solutions.

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