A Guide to Remarketing Ads for Realtors

Updated October 6, 2023

Remarking Ads
Digital marketing is becoming an essential weapon for realtors. Now that more than 60% of potential buyers turn to the World Wide Web when shopping for properties, realtors need to utilise the most suitable digital marketing instruments to reach them and deliver the best offers. The best realtors also invest in developing relationships through digital media such as social media and personal blogs.

The one digital marketing instrument that has the most power when it comes to converting viewers into actual buyers, however, is remarketing ads. What is remarketing exactly? How can remarketing ads help you acquire more leads and generate sales? We are going to answer these questions in this article.

What is Remarketing?

Have you ever browsed through a travel site to compare flights, and then noticed ads for hotels in the destination city the next time you open Facebook or other websites? That, in essence, is how remarketing works. Remarketing is the process of delivering highly tailored advertising and marketing messages based on known interests and other insights.

When a potential customer visits your site, a script pays close attention to that customer’s browsing habit (i.e. dropped carts, search keywords, visited pages, etc.). The information is then used to tailor the ads displayed to the particular user, allowing those ads to be highly relevant.

Remarketing is very effective in the real estate sector. Customers don’t always decide to purchase (or even see) a property on the first visit to your site. A carefully-crafted remarketing campaign reminds the target customer of the property they saw earlier, increasing your chances of converting that customer into a potential lead.

Is Remarketing a Breach of Privacy?

One of the biggest debates about using remarketing in real estate is the debate around privacy concerns. This is not an issue you need to worry about. Customers choose to accept targeted ads from ad networks. All you need to do is use the data you already have to tailor the ads to their liking.

Remarketing is very refined too. The system of targeting individuals or small groups is done without human intervention. The automated nature of remarketing is among the things that make it so effective.

How Can I Use Remarketing?

Real Estate Agency – Malta Sothebys Realty is already using remarketing effectively; you can too! Google uses something called Remarketing Lists for Search Ads or RLSA to allow you to customise search advertising campaigns based on the people who have visited your site in the past. Google will do the hard work of understanding the visitors and delivering tailored ads that match their preferences perfectly.

Facebook uses a relatively similar system. To utilise Facebook’s remarketing tools, you need to create a custom audience for your ads. It is the custom audience that gets matched with your website visitors. Just like Google, Facebook also allows you to refine your targeting. In fact, Facebook has a very detailed audience targeting tools and parameters.

The tools are there for you to utilise. The most important thing to do at this point is knowing how to utilise remarketing to generate leads effectively. First, focus on developing ads that work for the audience in general. You still need to develop ad content that is effective for the remarketing campaign to work.

Use remarketing with care. You want to remind the audience, not bombard them with marketing messages. Subtle marketing cues are often more effective than blunt hard-sells and a flood of ads.

Last but certainly not least, optimise the landing page for maximum conversion. There is no point in doing a comprehensive remarketing campaign without an effective landing page to complete the audience’s journey.

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