Entourage Recovery When Rebuilding the Database Can Not Fix Corruption

Updated October 6, 2023

Microsoft Entourage is an advanced and popular email client for Mac OS X computers. It is a part of Microsoft Office for Mac Suite, developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It stores all your significant data in Entourage database. When you create an information store in Entourage, hard drive space is allocated for data that information store receives when you work. If you add and remove emails, tasks, notes, and appointments, wasted space may develop in Entourage database. Over time, it may lead to database inconsistency and database corruption like situations, which eventually cause data loss. At this point, you need to go for Mac Entourage recovery to get your valuable data back.

The database inconsistency may also occur due to corruption to the database. There are various factors that may cause Entourage database corruption, which includes file system errors, virus infection, application malfunction, system related errors, and corrupt Entourage Identity. In such cases, you can try fixing the issue by rebuilding the database.

Symptomatically, an Entourage database needs to be rebuild when it stop responding while moving, deleting, sending, or receiving emails. The problems may also occur when you try to start Microsoft Entourage application.

You can easily rebuild Entourage database using ‘Database Utility’. Hold down option key while opening Entourage application to start Database Utility. It opens a Database Utility window that provides you an option to select affected database. Go through the below steps to rebuild Entourage database and perform Entourage recovery:

  • Open Database Utility by holding Option key while starting MS Entourage.
  • Open the Entourage database that you need to rebuild.
  • Select Rebuild Database from Database Utility window.
  • Click Continue button to start rebuilding process.
  • Follow on screen instruction to complete the process.

After successful completion of rebuild process, start Microsoft Entourage to check whether the issue is fixed. In case it fails to resolve the corruption problem of Entourage database, you have to restore the database from current backup.

However, if there is no updated and valid backup in place, you need to use third-party Mac Entourage recovery software to repair and restore damaged database.

The Entourage repair applications are capable of thoroughly scanning entire database and extract all inaccessible data from it. They are incorporated with rich graphical user interface and thus do not demand prior technical skills.

About:- The author is a Mac OS X users and doing research on Entourage Recovery. He is also working on Mac File Recovery

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