Edging Your Competitors With Your Mobile eCommerce App

Updated October 6, 2023

Stop believing that you can never elbow them all. With the Mobile Commerce Application trend you could even push them down! Make a list of all your main competitors that give you a hard time and spend a work out session in studying them one by one. Find out which factor of them leaves you behind. Target your big competitors and map a discrete strategy to slowly overtake them. There is no faster way, you will have to do it slowly with a lot of focus.


The First Check List

You shouldn’t even be thinking about surviving in competition if you don’t have the following:

  1. A reliable Mobile Commerce Application developed by an experienced app developer who promises to give post sales support as well. You might need his help anytime, with the new cloud trend. One good Mobile eCommerce App developer that I read at many places recently: Mob eCommerce.
  2. A parallel product whose purpose is not to sell as a product well but to help your main product sell. Could be a small game app or utility that will relate to your main product.
  3. Cloud Storage Any Mobile eCommerce App developer provides this today. It has become a basic thing, you know that.
  4. Repository of ideas which could be translated into highly useful features by your Mobile Commerce Application developer. All these ideas should be highly useful to the customer and not just be introduced for the sake of dumb new features to show that your Mobile eCommerce App is active.

Understanding the Mobile Arena Reality

Eventhough your brand is a big hit through your website or print ads or as a shop in the market, you have to re-work a little on the core brand building process when it becomes a Mobile eCommerce App, because the customers see it as a small mobile app which has a purpose to them. Though this seems a challenge, see the brighter side of it: if you have had a bad brand voice at the market already and your competitor the opposite, then you can turn tables here now with your fully functional Mobile eCommerce App. You could almost reinvent your brand voice and start impressing new crowds.

Utilizing the engine to its fullest

So many eCommerce business players today who are brilliant in designing and implementing the plan of their actual business activities, lose it pathetically when it comes to using the Mobile eCommerce App to its fullest level. To always be ahead of your competitor you should read, browse, observe and do everything that you are demanded to lengthen your technical as well as functional database of this tough Mobile eCommerce arena. More knowledge, more ideas.

Use A Totally Contrasting Brand Voice

Keenly observe your competitor’s promotional campaign and the visual and textual appeal of his product/service. Filter and narrow down which aspect makes it work. Now you how you can make your brand voice tougher and contrasting from his. See the point is not just to make your voice different from all your competitors but it should also be in a way that it belittles their voices easily.

Author Bio:- This article was written by Krish Kash, he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in mobile app development and mobile Commerce.

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