Easily Make Money Online by Recycling your Cell Phone

Updated October 6, 2023

Mobile phone is one of the major devices which are used in daily life. This awesome small little device can do wonders for you. Gone are the days when the mobile phones used to bulky and slow. Best example for Nokia’s Symbian devices running very slow especially when they affected by virus or very less phone memory is left. This is the modern age where the mobile phones are becoming much slimmer and faster than their predecessors. Like Apple iPhone you can expect a processing power of Pentium like processor in your pocket. There are rapid changes in the world of technology and mobile phones have been at the receiving end of it. The mobile phone which is launched by a company becomes “old” or outdated in a matter of some days or weeks. So, if you want to keep up with the modern times then you need to buy a new phone which is equipped with all the latest features and technology and have you thought what would happen to your old phone? This is the primary reason why people need to find someone who can buy old or used cell phone and give handsome cash in return of that. Another way of selling old mobile phone is recycling it. It will be really great if you can sell your cell phone online over internet.

The answer to the question posted in the last sentence would be answered by the sellmymobile.com. Actually there are many websites on the internet which do the same job- I mean recycling old mobile phones.  This site is one of the favorite and number one mobile recycling comparison sites of United Kingdom and United States. The website is known for its impartial and genuine verdict and comparison of some of the recommended recyclers of UK.

sellmymobile logoThe company has tie ups with some of the recommended phone resellers which are doing their bit to help and nurture the Mother Earth. Selling your old mobile phones can be another way to earn some hard cash. Every day millions of phones are manufactured and thousands of the old phones are dumped as it is in the environment. There are a number of toxic chemical which are released in the environment. A lot of recyclers are available in the world offering their services and one such site that brings in all the authorized recyclers of UK is the sellmymobile.com.

How it works?

The following steps will illustrate the working of sellmymobile.com

1) This website works when you search for the mobile or tablet device which you want to sell on the website. There is a search box that is located on the home page of the website where you need to put in your model number. There is also provision for searching according to the brand of the phone.

list image 1

2) Once you put in all the details, you would be taken to the next page where all the comparison with some of the top trading companies of UK would be done. You would be shown a list of resellers who would be interested in buying your phone. There are different kinds of prices which are offered by them.

3) The Cash Price is the price offered by the company for the used mobile with battery and no other accessories are required. The phone must be in the running condition and minor scratches and blemishes are also acceptable.

4) Voucher Price is the price which is certainly higher than the cash price and instead of cash, some value vouchers are given by the companies and the all the other conditions remains same as that of the Cash Price.

5) Brand New Price is the price offered for a brand new, unused phone in its original box and all the included accessories.

Non-Working Price is the price offered for a damaged or broken phone. There are certain rules and criteria which are set by the companies which would classify whether a phone is working or not

6) All the owners are arranged according to their ratings which is a measure of how much company can be trusted. Higher rating would definitely mean higher level of customer trust and satisfaction. It is not always recommended that you opt for the highest rating recycler but you should also see the price offered also. Besides this, all the acceptable modes of payment are available along with the name of the recycler. Some of the recyclers also provide postage and handling for free. Once you have selected your recycler and then click on the Sell Now button.

7) Upon clicking the Sell Now button, you would be directed to a page where you would be asked to enter the details of the phone or tablet once again. Once you are finished with this, you can check out. There are multiple options for the payment that are offered to you by the recycler.

So in this way you can sell or recycle your old mobile phone and earn money online.

Author Bio:This post is written by Tushar Thakur. He is a Technology writer and contributes at XtendedView.

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