5 Fundamental Tips For Improving Your Alexa Ranking

Updated October 6, 2023

Bloggers or Webmasters are familiar with Alexa Ranks. But still I’m going to tell to newbie what are Alexa Ranks? And why we need Higher Ranks in Alexa? Now in this post i will share some tips to improve the Alexa ranks of your blog.

alexa ranking

What is Alexa Ranks?

Alexa Ranks is a basic ranking system which is powered by Amazon. It measures the numbers of visitors visiting your websites[Improve Traffic]. It also measures the location of your visitors, from which country they belong and from where they accessing your website. You can say it is alternative to analytics program but for such analytics program we have to install it on our web.

For Example



Alexa ranks are totally different; it gets your website information for those visitors who are using their toolbars or other products.

Why We Need Higher Alexa Ranks?

It is very important that you have higher ranks in Alexa. Because advertisers or ad networks use Alexa ranks to determining the value of your blog. And if you have low ranks in Alexa then they do not advertise their products on your blog.

5 Fundamental Tips To Improve the Alexa Ranks of Your Blog


1. Use Toolbar  & Widget:

Use Alexa Toolbar, currently Alexa has toolbar for IE and Firefox only, surely a bad luck for Chrome or Opera users. Alexa Rank is calculated on the number of visitors who use Alexa Rank Toolbar.

Using Alexa Widget is a very useful tip. Many blog owners or webmasters found this as a useful trick which helps you in increasing of your blog’s Alexa ranks.

2. Write About Alexa:

Blogging about Alexa is a strategic tip which is very helpful for your ranks, you must have a category with the name of Alexa Ranks in your blog and also you have to think and search some articles on it.

3. Use Alexa Redirects:

The redirection technique is a very helpful trick for getting higher ranks in Alexa Ranks. It notifies the ranking system that your website is getting high traffic.

Redirect URL: http://redirect.alexa.com /redirect?wordpress-534244-1711355.cloudwaysapps.com

You can use your domain instead of “wordpress-534244-1711355.cloudwaysapps.com”.

4. Get Friend Review:

Getting reviews or comments on your profile is another way to improve your Alexa Ranks. You can get more reviews or comments on your profile box by requesting your friends or by saying other blog masters to write review about your blog.

5. Claim Your Blog or Update Info:

Create an Alexa account and claim your blog. You can verify by uploading a text file or using other methods which are given by Alexa Ranks. And update your blog info in Alexa Ranks and write interested description of your website. It gives a professional touch to your blog or website.

Author Bio:- I am Hamza Tariq (TechniX_Guru) owner of tech blog (technixnews) where i’m blogging about WordPress SEO , Tips & Tricks, and Earning Money Online.


  • These are the top most tips to improve alexa rank. Wherever, you will search, you will get these tips and when you implement these, you will get good results.

  • Alena Sham

    We have gone through so many articles to find out the ways to improve alexa rank for our new startup stayfine. As improving alexa ranking is very necessary for every online startup, we have done a clear research on this subject. I hope the ideas suggested by you in this post are relevant. Anyway, we are going to try some the methods you mentioned here and will post updates here.

  • Shadab Samer Ahmad

    I didn’t know about the importance of Alexa toolbar, thanks for making me aware.

    Thanks Bilal Ahmad

  • Girish Patil

    Alexa re direct doesn’t work. Can u help?

  • Alexa rank is important one for bloggers since Advertisers calculates the blog worth by Alexa rank and Google PR.

  • MyNetGadget | Codes, Design and Tech

    Very nice tips on Alexa Rankings. A great help for those who are just starting out in blogging.

  • Thanks Hamza. I surely do need this, my alexa seems standing still. up and down, i just can’t push forward. I’ll try

  • denharsh

    One of the most important factor is Alexa Widget ..It works big time šŸ™‚

  • Victor@ The alexa toolbar is really helpful Plus getting reviews from your friends on your profile helps a lot.

  • Great tip for Alexa ratings. By far the most important one is the toolbar installed into your browser. With this toolbar, if you visit your own blog 3-4 times a day, you should get at least under 100k. Another thing to note about Alexa is as you say, they get most of their data from their toolbar. Only the more “technical” groups will install the bar, so it is more heavily weighted towards technology-related blogs and sites.

  • jaganmangat

    those tips were nice,just put alexa rank widget or badge on your homepage it helps alexa update your alexa rank frequently,create an alexa account or connect with your facebook to do claim your webpage it too helps alexa do frequent alexa rank update for your web page.Nice work……..!!!! by-www.thewebtricks.com

  • Shiva | Web Magazine

    Oh, I did not know that redirecting through Alexa helps šŸ˜€ I will try that tip out. Most of the other tips I have already used except I have yet to write about Alexa. Might try that one out too šŸ˜€

  • Sachin @ Web Design Mauritius

    These tips are very useful. I would like to point out that there IS an Alexa addon for Chrome, its not a toolbar but it does exist and I am currently using it. Cheers.

  • Hieu Martin

    Great post for improving alexa ranking. Thanks

  • Great Tips @ Thanks @

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